A Rock Titan Review of Beasto Blanco’s “LIVE FROM BERLIN” album coming out January 19

Beasto Blanco

Written by Tom Collins
Edited by Scott Johnson

Chuck Garric - Photo by Tom Collins
Chuck Garric – Photo by Tom Collins


Il Nostro Spirito/Beasto Blanco        5:45
Freak                                                     3:47
Motor Queen/Drum Solo                   5:44
Grind                                                     3:55
Machine Girl                                         3:46
Death Rattle                                          4:43
Honey                                                    4:22
Feed My Frankenstein                         5:04
Sadhana/Breakdown                            6:47

Ferocious! That sums up the brand new release by Rock/Metal band, BEASTO BLANCO. Fronted by Alice Cooper bassist, Chuck Garric and Alice’s own daughter, Calico Cooper – aka “Machine Girl,” “Live From Berlin” on via Rat Pak Records is everything you would hope and expect it to be! This is music with punch and has the bone crunching riffs with the likeness of Motorhead, White Zombie, a bit of Manson, and of course the Master himself, Alice Cooper!

See the Interview with Chuck Garric!

“Live From Berlin” was recorded at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany during the 2016 sold-out Böhse Onkelz tour. It captures the bombastic electricity of a Live, Beasto Blanco show in all it’s twisted glory. This is Rock that you can shout along too, jump up and down, and have fun with, while punching a hole in a wall!

Chuck Garric delivers the same guttural, growling vocals he delivers when singing backup with Alice Cooper. It makes you feel delightfully dirty and mean listening to it. Calico Cooper takes the lead on her namesake song, “Machine Girl”, making her father proud. Speaking of her father, Calico takes the Alice Cooper classic, “Feed My Frankenstein” and puts a sultry spin on it their rendition. Start to finish, this is a solid Live album that you will be happy to add to your music arsenal!!! You can order special signed CD and Vinyl packages on the Beasto web page AND even get a call from the beast himself, Chuck Garric! See the web link below for details.

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