You Have NO Mojo unless it’s BLACKTOP MOJO!

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Blacktop Mojo - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Photos, Intro, and Interview by Out With Ambler
Errant thoughts By Scotty J

Blacktop Mojo hit The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, N.C. with Otherwise, Lullwater and Kirra supporting on a cold and rainy Saturday night, but the show was so hot, there must have been steam rising from the rooftop!

I fell in love with Blacktop Mojo about a year and a half ago, which is easy to do when you have a band of incredible musicians that also can boast an absolute killer vocalist and lyrics that touch the soul. Watching the fans tonight I could easily see there were many that felt the same way.

Blacktop Mojo Defy The Sun tour – With Ambler

Blacktop was giving their all and the crowd was giving theirs right back. With three stellar albums under their belt, there were plenty of fan favorites to create a great setlist. Burn The Ships, Where The Wind Blows, Can’t Sleep, Come Get Your Coat, Pyromaniac and a beautiful acoustic cover of In The Air Tonight were just a few of the songs we were treated to.

Even though the Defy The Sun tour is just about over, Blacktop Mojo still has a few more headlining dates before the holidays, so check out their socials for dates near you and treat someone you love to the gift of live music this holiday season!
Out With Ambler

Blacktop Mojo – “Come Get Your Coat”

Errant thoughts by Scotty J…

I’m gonna make this plain. If Blacktop Mojo can’t earn a decent living exclusively off of their amazing music, then something is disastrously wrong with the world. Just have a listen to their latest release, UNDER THE SUN! Better yet, support these guys and go pick up a copy.

There isn’t a stage too big for these guys, and they have all the qualities of what anyone would consider a “Headliner”. Seriously, there isn’t a single band on the planet that every single member of Blacktop Mojo couldn’t individually hang with. Matt Jame’s vocals are simply OFF THE CHART! Nathan, Ryan, Matt Curtis, and Chuck just round out an awesome group.

Listening specifically to the album’s title track “Under The Sun”, shivers went up my spine! You can’t deny the excellence that is eerily reminiscent of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden. Yes! I’m well aware of what I just said. I will always consider Cornell as one of the greatest vocalists that ever lived. But, do yourselves a courtesy and listen to Blacktop Mojo’s UNDER THE SUN the entire way through.

Under The Sun (full playlist) – Blacktop Mojo

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