Blues Legend Buddy Guy puts on a clinic at the SugarHouse Casino Philadelphia

Buddy Guy at Sugarhouse Casino

Story and Photos by Tom Collins

Buddy Guy photo by Tom Collins

Buddy Guy photo by Tom Collins

Buddy Guy photo by Tom Collins

Buddy Guy photo by Tom Collins

One thing you can always gamble on at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia is, There’s always great entertainment!!! Friday night brought out one of the biggest, most renowned Blues legends, Buddy Guy! Walking on stage to a full house, Buddy was sporting a smile that is as trademark as his polka dot guitar. The 81 year old guitar great looked and played as good as he ever has!

There’s very few Artists out there that can take such command over an audience as Buddy Guy can. His audience has so much respect for the man, for what he’s done and where he’s come from. Many times through the show during and in between songs, Buddy would offer up his unique and often hysterically F* laced perspectives on life. You couldn’t help but be tickled by the saltiness of his humor! But just as he could make you laugh, you could virtually hear a pin drop when he would get a little more serious talking to the crowd. He had important messages of unity and strength that was very meaningful and truthful from his own life experiences. He even spoke of his mother who had lived right here in Philadelphia. Then it was right back to Rock’n people out of their seats! And I mean that quite literally!

The house lights come up as Buddy exits the stage and appears out on the show floor, in the audience! With his wireless guitar and mic, Buddy traversed the isles while playing and singing the Blues to every face that smiled back at him! Everyone was on their feet cheering as he walked out the Event Center door, out into the casino, still singing and playing! I’m sure it was a bit of a surprise to anyone outside the venue to see Buddy Guy on a Friday night stroll! Making his way back onto the stage, Buddy began to show where some of these younger, famous guitarists got their tricks from.

Lifting his guitar to his face, Buddy started playing his guitar using his teeth! Not many 81yr old men even have teeth, let alone play guitar that well with them! Guitarists in Metal and Rock such as Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Phil Collen of Def Leppard, credit the Blues genre as a heavy influence on their playing style.

Not the only trick in his bag, Buddy began playing his guitar by wipping the strings it with a towel and then tapping away at them with a drum stick! All the while, playing some of the best blues guitar ever heard! Truly impressive and amazing to say the least. Wrapping up his show, there were several tributes to other guitar legends both still living and passed. Of course there was some stylings of Buddy’s best friend, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. And to send the crowd home with a little pep in their step, he finished off with some Jimi Hendrix, Voodoo Chile! Buddy let the band play on while he greeted fans at the edge of the stage, shaking hands and giving guitar picks.

With a wave and a contagious smile, Buddy left the stage and the crowd knowing that this hard touring legend would soon be back again. SugarHouse Casino has a fantastic lineup of Music still yet to come. Nightranger, Comedy legends Cheech & Chong, The B-52’s, Roger Hodgsen of Supertramp and much more! Check it out at,

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