Cold NEW Album ‘The Things We Can’t Stop’ drops FRIDAY the 13th September 2019!

Cold - Photos by DKG Photography - Rock Titan
Cold - Photo by DKG - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by DKG Photography - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by DKG Photography - Rock Titan

Cold - Photo by DKG Photography - Rock Titan

Story, Review, and Interview By Scotty J
Photos by Out With Ambler and DKG Photography

Cold is back on the tour trail with a brand new album! The Things We Can’t Stop drops Friday the 13th of September 2019. What’s cool and unique about this event is that Rock Titan was able to cover Scooter Ward and company back to back days in their return from hibernation.

While in Lancaster at Chameleon Club, we had an awesome tour bus interview with Scooter (see below) and concert coverage by DKG Photography. The very next day, Rock Titan photo journalist Out With Ambler caught a Cold while covering the Blue Ridge Rock Festival! It’s been a long wait for the Cold Army, and the band they love has not disappointed.

Scooter Ward interview with Scotty J

It’s been 8 long years since Cold had any new music to tour with. Scooter was very candid about his time away from the band that had been his entire world. There was even a period of time where songwriting no longer came so easily. At the end of the day, ‘The Things We Can’t Stop’ finally became a reality and is reflective of a different inspiration.

The Cold Army were in store for a couple of surprises. One being that the set list would comprise songs both old and new. Two, while there had been rumors that Sam McCandless was no longer with the band, he did indeed join the tour trail with the frontman who’s been his friend since childhood.

Now, with the release of The Things We Can’t Stop, I thought it would be interesting to break this album down. Having listened to it well in advance, there was a much more emotional, somber, deeper focus then I was prepared for. That said, a number of songs, especially “Shine” struck some very personal chords in my life. The interview with Scooter definitely sheds a lot of light on what went into this albums creation, so check it out!

Cold – The Things We Can’t Stop

The Intro has an emotional narrative of a woman’s suffering. You know this is going to be a personally emotional journey. Shine is a story about bullying. It’s a very sensitive topic for many and Scooter explains the inspiration behind the lyrics in our interview.

COLD – Shine

Snowblind clearly references a battle with addiction. This was Scooter’s very personal account.
The Devil We Know touches on how war ravages the world and forces us to compromise values. The depth and emotional journey of this album continues. There’s definitely a void of anything upbeat or hard hitting. Run is actually a cover by Snow Patrol. It was a conscious decision on Scooter’s part to stay true to the original version.

Better Human sends the message that we all have our differences. We’re not perfect. But it’s about trying to find peace with one another vs. constantly harping on the differences that divide us. At this point of the album we reach something with a little more up tempo. Without You. It’s a reflection on the time needed to just live life away from the band and the tour trail. Getting consumed with a career while losing other aspects of life.

Cold – Photo Gallery by Out With Ambler

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Quiet Now retreats back to slower melodies. Scooter goes into a deep analysis of feeling utterly alone. Clearly during the down time there was much self reflection on his musical career. The One That Got Away is likely a story many can relate too. Whoever she is was clearly special and never to be forgotten. Systems Fail perfectly describes the screwed up world we seemingly live in today. It’s a call to not buy into the propaganda and think for yourself.

Beautiful Life seems to be that quintessential search for peace. Just working toward a stress free life without being concerned with the worries of the world. Shouldn’t be all be so fortunate? We All Love is a declaration of just that. Love. Don’t hate. The world is a crazy place. We should focus on the good vs bad.

Cold – Photo Gallery by DKG Photography

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Scooter played quite a bit of piano on this album. It’s very beautiful but be prepared for an emotional journey. You’re likely to relate to a number of songs in a very personal way. Not that Cold is back, let’s hope the music keeps flowing and maybe we get some harder sounding stuff the next time around.

Upcoming Dates

Fri, SEP 13@ 7:00 PM | The Firmament | Greenville, SC

Sat, SEP 14@ 7:00 PM | Blue Fox Billiards Bar & Grill | Winchester, VA

Sun, SEP 15@ 7:00 PM | The Chance Theater | Poughkeepsie, NY

Tue, SEP 17@ 6:30 PM | Brooklyn Bazaar | Brooklyn, NY

Thu, SEP 19@ 7:00 PM | Baltimore Soundstage | Baltimore, MD

Fri, SEP 20@ 6:30 PM | The Winchester | Lakewood, OH

Sat, SEP 21@ 6:30 PM | The Machine Shop | Flint, MI

Sun, SEP 22@ 6:30 PM | Riverfront Live | Cincinnati, OH

Tue, SEP 24@ 7:00 PM | EXIT / IN | Nashville, TN

Fri, SEP 27@ 6:30 PM | Scout Bar | Houston, TX

Sat, SEP 28@ 6:30 PM | The Rock Box | San Antonio, TX

Sun, SEP 29@ 8:00 PM | Trees | Dallas, TX with Awake For Days

Tue, OCT 1@ 6:30 PM | Come and Take It Live | Austin, TX

Wed, OCT 2@ 7:00 PM | Jake’s Backroom | Lubbock, TX

Fri, OCT 4@ 6:30 PM | Herman’s Hideaway | Denver, CO

Sat, OCT 5@ 6:30 PM | Mesa Theater | Grand Junction, CO

Sun, OCT 6@ 6:30 PM | Sunshine Studios Live | Colorado Springs, CO

Tue, OCT 8@ 6:30 PM | The Bourbon | Lincoln, NE

Thu, OCT 10@ 6:30 PM | The Eclectic Room | Angola, IN

Fri, OCT 11@ 6:30 PM | Q&Z Expo Center | Ringle, WI

Sat, OCT 12@ 6:30 PM | 1175 Sports Eatery | Kansasville, WI

Sun, OCT 13@ 7:00 PM | Bottom Lounge | Chicago, IL with Awake For Days, University Drive

Wed, OCT 16@ 7:00 PM | The Apollo Theatre Ac | Belvidere, IL

Fri, OCT 18@ 6:30 PM | The Vogue | Indianapolis, IN

Sat, OCT 19@ 6:30 PM | The City Center | Champaign, IL

Sun, OCT 20@ 7:30 PM | Cosmic Charlies | Lexington-fayette, KY

Tue, OCT 22@ 7:00 PM | Aftershock Live Music Venue | Merriam, KS

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