Corrosion of Conformity supports new record “No Cross No Crown” and Black Label Society tour without Reed Mullin

Corrosion of Conformity - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Pepper Keenan - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Woody Weatherman - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Mike Dean - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Pepper Keenan - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Woody and Pepper - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Mike Dean - Photo by Gretchen Johnson - Rock Titan TV

Story, Interview, and LIVE Video by Scotty J
Photos by Gretchen Johnson

Corrosion of Conformity has been a dominant force in heavy metal for decades! Haling from the south, Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean, Reed Mullin, and Pepper Keenan have served as the classic lineup despite a few personnel changes over the years. Now on tour with Black Label Society, they once again find themselves leveraging the talents of other familiar musicians. With the new CoC album “No Cross No Crown” out since January 2018, they hit the tour trail with Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society. After speaking with bassist, Mike Dean, we learned that the tour will continue (see interview below) without the services of longtime drummer Reed Mullin.

Without going into detail about Reed’s absence, out of respect for the band, it’s simply a situation where the tour must go on in trusting their friend Taylor to hammer on the hi-hat. Of course it’s not uncommon for bands to require the services of specific touring members. But this did appear to be somewhat of a sensitive subject. We’ll simply just wish Reed well and hope he gets his health under control.

Interview with Corrosion of Conformity bassist Mike Dean

One thing is for certain, CoC has a very loyal following. Black Label Society may have been the headliner. But, it was elbow room only from the moment Corrosion of Conformity hit the stage. Their newest album, “No Cross No Crown“, just came out back in January and it’s their highest charting record to date! How can this be possible with 9 prior studio albums? Founding member and bassist Mike Dean offered his thoughts:

Scotty J: From an audience reception perspective, it would seem that ‘No Cross No Crown’ has experienced better reception than anything else that you’ve done. I’m not saying necessarily that’s how your fans would feel. But, breaking that Top 100, which you’re clearly familiar with from what I’m gathering, what do you think is up with that?

Mike Dean: Well. Ok. So, when a metal release or something in that type of cult metal comes out it’s super anticipated. Then there’s a finite number of people that are going to buy it. But, they’re dedicated. There’s enough anticipation these things will chart. But, there’s a limited number of people that will continue to buy it. It’s shows there’s an anticipation for it. There’s a certain percentage of the population that are like bring it. Yeah we want to hear it.

“Broken Man” LIVE

Not only has ‘No Cross No Crown‘ been met with positive reception from a lyrical perspective. CoC currently has two Official Music Videos to accommodate the albums release. While some artists aren’t the biggest fans of music videos, you could tell that Mike Dean does enjoy that part of the process. It was particularly entertaining when talking about “The Luddite”. See interview above!

Scotty J: What the heck is a Luddite? I don’t even know!

Mike Dean: Well Pepper didn’t even know. (Laughter). He was having dinner with some folks, and he was having difficulty with something. Then the father of the family said “well you’re a complete Luddite”. And he (Pepper) was like “well what the hell is that?” and then he looked it up. Industrial sabotage and stuff. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution. I’m all about it (laughter). He started reading up. The whole idea just kind of sat there. Then we were almost done with the record. We had a couple more songs. He’s got a couple of riffs. They’re going at it and I’m recording. Suddenly we have this arrangement that was born there right on the spot. I’m like “what’s the working title of the song?”. And he (Pepper) is like “The Luddite”.

The Luddite (Official Music Video)

Remaining Tour Dates

THU – Aug 02, 2018 Charlotte NC Fillmore
FRI – Aug 03, 2018 Lynchburg VA Phase 2
SAT – Aug 04, 2018 Inwood WV Shiley Acres
SUN – Aug 05, 2018 Norfolk VA Norva
TUE – Aug 07, 2018 Toronto ON Rebel
WED – Aug 08, 2018 Montreal QC MTelus
THU – Aug 09, 2018 Stroudsburgh PA Sherman Theater
FRI – Aug 10, 2018 Long Island NY Paramount
SAT – Aug 11, 2018 Sayreville NJ Starland
MON – Aug 13, 2018 Dayton OH Oddbody’s
WED – Aug 15, 2018 NOLA One Eyed Jacks
FRI – Aug 17, 2018 Houston Tx White Oak Music Hall
SAT – Aug 18, 2018 Ft. Worth Texas Panther Island Pavilion
FRI – Oct 26, 2018 Southampton UK Engine Rooms
SAT – Oct 27, 2018 Birmingham UK O2 Institute
SUN – Oct 28, 2018 Nottingham UK Rock City
TUE – Oct 30, 2018 Manchester O2 Ritz
THU – Nov 01, 2018 Glasgow Garage
FRI – Nov 02, 2018 Sheffield Plug
SAT – Nov 03, 2018 Cardiff Wales Great Hall
SUN – Nov 04, 2018 London England O2 Forum Kentish

Corrosion of Conformity at The Queen

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