Dirty Honey is giving everyone a taste on tour with Alter Bridge and Skillet

Dirty Honey - Photo By Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Dirty Honey - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Dirty Honey - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Dirty Honey - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

‘Dirty Honey’ Interview and Review By Scotty J
Photos and Intro by Out With Ambler

Want some pure, honest, hard-driving Rock n Roll? Look no further than Dirty Honey!
Upon hearing their first single “When I’m Gone” I had to check into this band. I found myself smitten by their throwback vibe, but with a sound so very new and current. To find out the boys were opening for Alter Bridge with 10 Years, I was super excited to see if what I heard recorded came off the same live? It did!

Dirty Honey put on a great show. They pull off their signature “New Fashioned Rock n Roll” sound of theirs seemingly effortlessly. And to see a band in such command of a stage at this early point in their career was also very impressive. The moment they were finished with their set they guys headed straight to their merch table to meet with fans and stayed there until the evening was over, I watched so many new fans being made that evening of this band, and it really made me smile.

Please go give them a listen and check them out on the road supporting their self-titled EP.
– Out With Ambler

What does Scotty J think of Dirty Honey’s self-titled EP?

When I’m Gone – it’s more like where have you been? Marc proves his chops right out of the gate. The entire band breaths life back into rock and roll. It won’t be long before Dirty Honey will be missed when 1 day long from now they are gone.

Rolling 7s – love the way the song starts. It gives the distinct feeling a story is about to ensue. The chorus has a very funky and swanky feel. This song is a hit! Definitely has all the makings of a fan favorite and high commercial appeal.

Heartbreaker – for Dirty Honey not to receive significant media attention over the next year would be a heart breaker. With the bands DH has already toured with and continues to tour with, I’d say their success is a forgone conclusion.

Down the Road – I love the the introduction of the organ. Great song to dance to with that special someone. Marc displays awesome vocals and the rest of the band is particularly groovy with this song. Down the Road I’m sensing Grammy for sure. Wedding DJ’s should definitely be adding this to their playlist.

Dirty Honey Interview on Rock Titan LIVE

Scars – what a great conclusion to this most excellent EP. music like this would have you believing these guys are signed to a major label and have been playing for years to sold out arenas.

I can’t wait to see Dirty Honey’s follow up work. Absolutely dig these guys 100%

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