Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling go Full Orchestra for Maximum Effect!

Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling - Photo by Tom Collins - Rock Titan TV

Amy Lee - Photo by Tom Collins - Rock Titan TV

Lindsey Stirling - Photo by Tom Collins - Rock Titan TV

Amy Lee and Lindsey Stirling - Photo by Tom Collins - Rock Titan TV

Lindsey Stirling - Photo by Tom Collins - Rock Titan TV

Story and Photos by Tom Collins

An evening of elegance, beauty, acrobatic dance and ROCK?!?! Yes, that’s exactly what the pairing of Evanescence with Amy Lee and violinist extraordinaire, Lindsey Stirling brought to the audience at the BB&T in Camden, NJ. Rock Titan had the great pleasure of interviewing the duo prior to their tour (see below). They gave us hints at what fans could expect but having now seen the show, it well exceeded all expectations! I personally had last seen Amy Lee sing with Evanescence at the same venue, many, many years ago. The venue name had actually changed several times since that show. However, I did remember how absolutely incredible Amy Lee’s voice was! I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this tour and if her voice would be as I remembered. There was also a new element to this Evanescence show that had me quite curious. On stage with the band was a full orchestra with conductor! Having only seen the band in full ROCK mode, I wasn’t sure how this was going to translate with an orchestra. Amy Lee with her long jet black hair and here trademark crystal blue eyes, took to center stage and to her piano with the orchestra split to her left and right. Within the first few songs, it was clear that her voice was just as powerful as ever! The orchestral renditions of the songs were dynamic, beautiful and often haunting. Everything about it worked and worked well.

Having never seen Lindsey Stirling perform Live before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Right from her first song, I was amazed by not just her incredible violin playing but her ability to leap and dance while doing so! She reminded me very much of Peter Pan the way she pranced and danced across the stage! For her set, she too used a full orchestra that was magnificent! It was amazing how much energy she had, especially on a brutally hot evening. In between songs she joked at how hot it was and that when she designed her show months back, it was inside a nice cool air conditioned room! She hadn’t thought about doing everything in the Summer heat! She didn’t let it slow her down at all. Lindsey also took a moment to thank the audience for their love and support through the years. She shared some of her very personal trials of her life and encouraged everyone that they too can make it through their darkest days. Both Amy Lee and Lindsey Stirling had become very close friends and big fans of each other. Both had personal struggles they had overcome. The theme of their entire show was that of inspiration and encouragement and it was clearly heart felt. During the Evanescence set, Lindsey joined Amy Lee on stage to play violin on “Hi-Lo”. Amy Lee then returned to the stage later for Lindsey’s set to sing on “Shatter Me” and the encore song of the night, “Young and Beautiful”. At first hearing of this tour and the pairing of Evanescence (Amy Lee) and Lindsey Stirling, you might think – What an odd combination?! A Rock band and singer with an accomplished violinist, and with an orchestra?!?! It was brilliant! It was brilliant because it was genuine and for the love of their music, fans and friendship with each other. It’s definitely one of this years shows to see!


Evanescence – “Hi-Lo” featuring Lindsey Stirling (Official Music Video)

Evanescence: “My Immortal” Ft. Lindsey Stirling

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