Five Finger Death Punch Drummer says after “And Justice for None” he’s done!

Ivan Moody - Photo by Ambler Irby

Five Finger Death Punch - Photo by Ambler Irby -  Rock Titan TV

Five Finger Death Punch - Photo by Ambler Irby -  Rock Titan TV

Five Finger Death Punch - Photo by Ambler Irby -  Rock Titan TV

Five Finger Death Punch - Photo by Ambler Irby -  Rock Titan TV

Story by Scotty J
Photos by Ambler Irby

Despite the attention and celebrity that may come along with being a world wide recognized musician, we all must acknowledge our mortality. For Five Finger Death Punch drummer, Jeremy Spencer, that’s sadly come sooner than later. His band’s latest album “And Justice for None” may be one of the greatest to date. However, the trials and tribulations of life have intervened. Per his outlet from the Prime Media Group:

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH have announced today (12/18) that after 14 years drummer Jeremy Spencer will be leaving the band. After sitting out the Fall leg of the group’s recent co-headlining tour with Breaking Benjamin, Jeremy underwent a second back surgery and will need a significant amount of time to recover; the band fully supports his decision.

“This decision has been weighing on me for months; and now the time has finally come,” explains Jeremy Spencer. “I started to play when I was 6 years old, and I feel fortunate that my body has provided me with several decades of doing what I love most: drumming. However, the rigorous physical wear and tear has got me to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance that brings me satisfaction and joy. I feel the band deserves to get someone with the fire and energy, capable of delivering the performance that the fans deserve. Like you, I will be cheering them on to continue making great music as they tour the world and bring exciting shows to all our cherished fans.”

With that said, Jeremy certainly goes out on a high note! With “And Justice for None”, he may have just been involved with one of 5FDP’s most epic albums to date! Here is an in depth analysis as Rock Titan Music Television sees it!

Trouble – “I don’t look for trouble. Trouble looks for me.” Feeling victimized in some way? At the same time unmistakeable Ivan and an awesome track. Sounds phenomenal. Stay sober Ivan.

Fake – Ivan channels his inner Rob zombie and taking out his anger on someone big-time!

Top of The World – Ivan changes pace directly celebrating his success. He can’t stay angry long with acknowledging how good life can be.

Sham Pain – Great official music video! Possibly one of my favorite songs. Awesome play on words with the double meaning. Such a life can seem like one big sham and with it comes pain. But, in how many other ways can one experience celebrity? Break out the champagne!

Five Finger Death Punch – Sham Pain (Official Video)

Blue on Black – Tremendous cover! One rule I’ve always had is that it better be as good if not better than the original. 5FDP does this in spades. Awesome version of one of Kenny Wayne Shepherds best!

Fire in the hole – If there’s one filler track on the album, this would be the one.

I Refuse – Who would think 5FDP would write a song that lent itself to being a beautiful dance song? Wedding DJ’s May have to put this in their cache if they haven’t done so already.

It doesn’t matter – Ivan has a way of lyrically going after the haters. This is another fine example of his self exploration.

Stuck in my ways – Continues the theme of self exploration and discovery. Change is always possible. How much change is necessary to break a painful trend is another issue?

Rock Bottom – By far the darkest and hard core track. Title pretty much sums it up. Probably had the name of the song before a single lyric was written.

Gone away – Another official music video and powerful rendition cover song. 5FDP has always been a patriotic band, and they’ve put an emphasis on that with this song. 5FDP do The Offspring a great credit here as the offspring finished a great summer tour themselves with 311.

Five Finger Death Punch – Gone Away (Official Video)

Bloody – Most likely started out as a poem where they said “hey! I can create some solid riffs for this!”

When the seasons change – We’re gonna hold 5FDP to this. Of course we wish them a long and successful tour of this album as we head into 2019. But, what’s next? We know the drummer is different.

Will the Sun ever Rise – The sad story of a tortured soul. This song lends itself to what could have been a pretty cool official music video. But we all have our budgets.

Bad Seed – I almost feel as this could be my life story. Sometimes we get categorized as something we wish we weren’t and would love to deny. But it is what it is. Regardless of your lot in life you can strive to be better. It’s a powerful message conveyed from one of today’s greatest lyricists.

Save your Breath – In my opinion is an ode to today’s youth. Hey millennials! Suck it up. Life is hard. Cry and complain all you want. Social media is an empty void. Be proactive.

To Sume up “And Justice for None”:

One of years best new albums by far. Ivan shares both sides of the struggle. Highs and lows. An example of why full albums still must be purchased. Great record top to bottom. Stay sober Ivan. Congrats on the amazing charity contributions from the profits this tour has so rightfully earned.

Ivan’s voice is superior and unique among all frontmen in heavy metal today. Unless you’ve heard his replacement in Motograter! Check out Angel Woodruff in his new band The Alpha Complex!

Five Finger Death Punch Tour – Photos by Ambler Irby

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