As Temperatures were on the rise, GODSMACK brought the “When Legends Rise” tour to Raleigh NC

Godsmack - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Godsmack - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Godsmack - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Story and Photos by Out With Ambler

“I hope someone has to get up at 4 A.M. and they are trying to sleep with us SCREAMING IN THEIR FUCKING FACES!” Sully Erna yelled to the crowd at Red Hat Amphitheater, as he pointed to the high rise buildings surrounding the venue!

It was a flaming hot night in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and Godsmack was turning up the heat. On tour currently with New Years Day, the guys from Boston are supporting their 2018 release When Legends Rise. And proving every night that these legends will not be kept down.

We were treated to songs from five albums, with the majority being from their latest. Quite unique when you consider most bands who have been touring for over twenty years tend to rely on more of a greatest hits set. Well, this wasn’t necessary because Godsmack put out such an incredible album with When Legends Rise that older fans, as well as new, were hungry for tunes like “Bulletproof”, “Take It To The Edge”, “Under Your Scars”, “When Legends Rise” and more. And don’t fret! We still get our much loved Godsmack classics such as “Voodoo”, “Keep Away”, and many others. Even a totally bad ass cover of AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” just for the fun of it!

I, Out With Ambler, have been going to see Godsmack since 2001 and have seen them countless times. I promise you, this is one band that I will never tire of seeing live and implore you to catch this tour!!!

“Under Your Scars” – Godsmack

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