HIM gets a fond farewell with the CKY home crowd in Philadelphia

HIM last tour - photo by Tom Collins

Story by Scotty J
Photos by Tom Collins

Chad Ginsburg - Photo by Tom Collins

Jess Margera - Photo by Tom Collins

H.I.M. - Photo by Tom Collins

Ville Valo and H.I.M. - Photo by Tom Collins

CKY! CKY! CKY! Those were the chants coming from a sold out show at Philly’s Fillmore. As H.I.M. played Philadelphia on their “Bang & Whimper” final tour, it was only fitting that CKY be a part of the action. This was a night featuring some of MTV’s biggest stars with Bam Margera himself making a special guest appearance. How could you expect anything else?

H.I.M. had already been a tremendous success in Europe and their native Finland. But, it would be in 2002 that JACKASS star Bam Margera would introduce His Infernal Majesty to the United States. Being one of their biggest fans, featuring their music in his skateboard videos, sharing tatoos, and adopting their heartagram logo, Margera and H.I.M.’s frontman Ville Valo would form a strong friendship lasting the next 15 years. Of course where there’s Bam there’s CKY, so it would be only fitting that Jess Margera and company would open for the Finnish rockers on their final North American tour.

3teeth would open up the evening in Philadelphia. But, no sooner did their set end then you would know Camp Kill Yourself was home. The Margera Matriarch and Patriarch, April and Phil, would take the stage starting the CKY chants. In support of their newest LP, “The Phoenix”, CKY would be sporting a new lineup. Guitarist Chad Ginsburg would now own lead vocals, with Jess Margera the mainstay on drums, and Matt Deis on bass. So, maybe they’re not so much new as they are a leaner version without Deron Miller. All that said, Bam would make a special guest appearance on vocals with “All My Friends Are Dead”. At the conclusion of the song, Bam would stage dive for some brief crowd surfing. Definitely a fun set, and it was great to hear some new tunes from this wild bunch.

Once H.I.M. hit the stage, it was hard to tell if you were at a concert or a lingerie event. Without a doubt, Ville had his choice of pretty much any female in the crowd. Bras and other ladies undergarments would shower the stage like confetti. The outpour of love and adoration for Valo and his band of 25+ years was beyond apparent. H.I.M. would go on to perform hits from every one of their previous albums.

What might we expect in the future? Perhaps a Rock Titan exclusive interview could shed some light on that? In the meantime, we captured some of the concert photographer experience featuring ROCK TITAN photojournalist Tom Collins.

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