John 5 Returns to the Birthplace of “It’s Alive”

John 5 - Photo by Tom Collins
John 5 and The Creatures - Photo by Tom Collins

John 5 It's Alive - Photo by Tom Collins

John 5 sound check - Photo by Tom Collins

John 5 with Goldie - Photo by Tom Collins

From the perspective of Rock Titan’s Tom Collins and Scotty J!

Tom Collins:

You will rarely find John 5 off stage without his guitar in hand. A true student and master of the instrument, he is versed in several unique styles of playing. “Perfection” is a pretty accurate word to sum up the night.

Often Rock Stars with far less talent can come off obnoxious or pretentious. Not J5. As he met with his fans, after sound check, he couldn’t have been any friendlier and accommodating. John spent quality time with each person, signing autographs and taking photos.

Come show time, it was down to business! J5 put on a clinic by a guitar virtuoso. Rocking riffs, insane jazz like precision, chicken pick’n on a electric mandolin and banjo. And, of course, scorching guitar work on his favorite axe “Goldie”. Let’s not forget his band “The Creatures” drummer, Logan Miles Nix and bassist, Ian Ross. They make up the perfect power trio with JOHN 5.

Scotty J

I must echo Mr. Collins’s sentiments. J5 is the riff Lord and God of shred. It would be easy to assume anyone with John 5’s resume and other worldly guitar skills might come off a bit egotistical or arrogant. But what an awesome guy! As genuine as he was in our exclusive green room interview (see below), it was refreshing to see that same down to earth personality during the sound check and VIP meet and greet.

John 5 Interview with Scotty J

When John 5 gave Tom and I the green light to film and photograph his entire set, that was a bit awe inspiring! (See clips below) We at Rock Titan had been granted that privilege maybe only a handful of times. This certainly has never been a possibility with anyone so high profile. With a setting such as Sellersville Theater 1894, it was impossible not to get great footage. But, more importantly, have an enjoyable and comfortable concert experience.

‘It’s Alive’ is a follow-up to ‘Season of the Witch’, being John 5 and The Creatures 1st LIVE LP. Much of this Sellersville Live created masterpiece includes J5’s more recent work. If you have a chance to catch John 5 LIVE don’t hesitate for a minute. Be on the lookout for his new work with Rob Zombie as well.

Catch JOHN 5 and the Creatures on tour NOW!
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