Lullwater will do anything but lull you to sleep with Voodoo!

Lullwater - Photos by Ambler - Rock Titan

Lullwater - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Lullwater - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Lullwater - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Lullwater - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Photos, Intro, and Interview by Out With Ambler
Errant thoughts By Scotty J

When Athens Georgia based Lullwater plays a show anywhere near me, you better believe Out with Ambler is going to be there! Lullwater has been out supporting their amazing album Voodoo on the Defy The Sun tour with Kirra, Otherwise and Blacktop Mojo. For a little over a month they’ve been taking cities by storm!

Lullwater is Out With Ambler

Lullwater brings a unique brand of southern influenced rock/grunge/alternative music, and I’d say the guys have a special sound. It’s one that the crowd seems to really get in to on this cold and rainy evening. These southern rockers present their music in a way where you always get the “soul” of the band. They lay it out on stage for all to imbibe in. Keep your eyes open for Lullwater coming near you and DRINK UP!

– Out With Ambler

Errant thoughts by Scotty J…

So here are my feeling about Lullwater’s 3rd studio album “Voodoo”. Curtain Call is an interesting composition for sure. It’s like controlled chaos. Arrangements seem all over the place like a Quentin Tarantino movie, but they make it work. Dark Divided is definitely one of my favorite songs off Voodoo. I dig the guitar solo. It’s definitely one of those adrenaline pumping songs. Empty Chamber is the kind of song I can see getting much radio play. Great vocals. I like the way the backing vocals are mixed in. Understandable this would be an official music video.

“Empty Chamber” – Lullwater (Official Video)

Similar Skin features a guitar solo proving Daniel Binnie’s got chops, and there’s cool messages in the lyrics. This Life kinda says to me that if Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed had a baby this would be the bi-product. Godlike is probably the one song off Voodoo I just didn’t connect with. I expected more. Just… more. Buzzards brings something very anthem like to the table. It has the feel of a song that audiences would sing along to.

Fight of Your Life is one song from Voodoo I could see transformed into an acoustic ballad. It just lends itself to such a composition lyrically. I’d like to see something like that from these guys. Into the Sun kinda left me hanging as did Godlike. But then Yellow Bird comes back and get you!
I’ll give you a hint it’s not about Big Bird or Tweety. I’d like to interview these guys and learn if this is actually about a special someone who exists? And so we come to a conclusion with Suffer Not. A song over 10minutes? It takes passionate and commitment to write a song you know will only ever be appreciated live. No way it ever makes it on and radio or streaming platform. That said it’s probably one of my favorite songs on Voodoo.

The lineup of John Strickland (Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals), Daniel Binnie (Lead Guitar), Roy ‘Ray’ Beatty (Bass & Vocals) and Joseph Wilson (Drums & Vocals) have turned in a great tertiary effort and I look forward to what’s next.

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