Otherwise dares to DEFY with their latest album release

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan
Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Otherwise - Photo by Ambler - Rock Titan

Photos and Intro by Out With Ambler
Errant thoughts By Scotty J

Going against the grain. Doing things the way they feel they should be done. Making music from their hearts and souls. Charting their own course in the music world. This certainly describes Otherwise, making the title of their latest album “Defy” most fitting.

Otherwise has been on the road with Kirra, Lullwater, and Blacktop Mojo for the Defy The Sun tour giving fans a taste of Vegas-based “I did it my way” Rock. This night in Greensboro, North Carolina found long-time fans of the band alongside fans in the making. And new fans were undoubtedly made.

I’ve long promoted this band for their honesty, energy, and fight. I believe many people left for the evening feeling the same way as I. Even though the Defy The Sun tour is over, Otherwise immediately hit the road with the Defy The Odds tour so your opportunity to see them is NOW!

– Out With Ambler

Errant thoughts by Scotty J…

Bad Trip – If there was a theme to this album, Bad Trip definitely deviates from it. Another strong representation of their more industrial sound, it sounds like band mates just having a good time.

OTHERWISE – “Bad Trip”

Money – We ain’t millionaires we just gotta get buy. Day after day. Slave away. Money sure isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be and I’m not talking about this song. It’s harder to be successful today than ever before.

Crossfire – Love this song. Adrian has never sounded better. Like with Don’t Even, Crossfire is very much an observation of today’s social climate. It’s clear that Otherwise has something to say with Defy.

Lifted – Must check out the official music video. All I can say is if that’s their place then life has been good!

OTHERWISE – “Lifted” Official Music Video

Picking At Bones – This is the closest song I’ve found to an anthem on Defy. I can see an arena singing along.

Ain’t Done Yet – I don’t know what Otherwise has been through since Sleeping Lions. But, I’m loving this album so far. Clearly otherwise ain’t done yet. A clear message has resonated and that is to wake up!

Goliath – One thing is clear, Otherwise has the capacity to be one of the best industrial rock/metal bands in the scene today. Having interviewed Billy Bob Thornton in the last year, I’d love to see this song featured in his tv series.

Don’t Even – Wow! Otherwise went industrial on this one! I love the message in this song. Patrick struck a chord here pun intended. Perfect for today’s society.

Fame and Misfortune – Love it! Preach Otherwise preach. Spot on. Calling out social media for what it is! Complete bs. Can’t wait to talk to the Patrick brothers about this.

OTHERWISE – “Fame and Miss Fortune”

Unbreakable – Adrian shows off a much different range of vocals here and I dig it. He’s emotionally charged. Not sure I’ve ever heard him like this to be honest? His screaming gives you the sense that Otherwise can’t be pigeon holed into any one genre of rock or metal.

Good Fight – Definitely one of the most uplifting songs on defy. At this point it’s feeling like a very complete album.

All in all Defy is a solid album top to bottom. There’s a dominating theme that I respect as an individual as well as an artist. It goes against the fray. The Patrick brothers pull no punches with Defy and appear to show no reluctance in doing so. They defy you to think in a way much of commercially pushed and supported music does not. This gets a big thumbs up from Rock Titan.

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