Otherwise drummer Brian Medeiros reveals music video “The Ballad of Ivan Patrick” is on the way!

Otherwise - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan Music Television

Otherwise - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan TV

Otherwise - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan TV

Otherwise - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan TV

Otherwise - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan TV

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Story and Interview by Scotty J
Photos by Out with Ambler

At the tail end of 2018, Rock Titan Music Television photojournalist Out With Ambler (Ambler Irby) got to catch up with Otherwise on tour with Sevendust! Knowing there were some great updates coming out of the Otherwise camp, an interview with drummer Brian Medeiros was set up. Sure enough, Brian revealed a new music video “The Ballad of Ivan Patrick” was right around the corner.

What’s so special about this video is that Medeiros filmed and edited it himself! The full length video will be released to the public on January 27th. See the teaser below:

Scotty J: “It’s interesting now that you’re so immersed in the band and you’ve been with them a few years now. You’re working on this next record. Now you’ve got your other artistic side with the photography and videography. Do you think there’s any chance you might be leveraging that skill set at all with this new album that you guys are going to be working on?”

Brian Medeiros: “Probably yeah. I did a music video on the last acoustic EP we did for The Roots Vol. 2. There’s this really heartfelt song about their cousin Ivan Patrick who passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. So that song, a ballad by Patrick, was written about him. It’s been one of that the boys have sat on for years. They didn’t want to release it under a label so that the label owned part of it. So that was an independent release that we did. So that was the time to write it, record it, and put it out to the world. I was fortunate enough they trusted me enough to do a video for it, which is all shot, finalized, and edited a couple weeks ago. We’ve just been getting ready gearing up to release it. So, it’s exciting that I’ve done a music video for Otherwise already. So, going into this new album cycle there’s going to be a lot of content that I’m super excited to create. It’s going to be elevating us on as many levels as we can.”

Brian Medeiros interview!

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