Pop Evil’s Hayley Cramer is a true warrior on the drum kit

Story, Photos, and Interview by Scotty J

Pop Evil is just finishing up the the first leg of their North American tour in support of their self-titled album ‘Pop Evil’. Rock Titan was fortunate to catch up with them in Amish country. One of the more unique features of this tour is that the show kicks off with a comic act. That comedian is none other than former VH1’s ‘That Metal Show’ co-host Don Jamieson. As if that weren’t enough to make Pop Evil stand out, there’s another rare element that’s impossible to miss on stage. In a genre of music largely dominated by men, Hayley Cramer makes the argument that whatever boys can do girls can do better (more on that later).

Pop Evil – “Footsteps”

Just prior to Don Jamieson hitting the stage, opening act Them Evils got the crowds adrenaline flowing. These rockers from southern cal definitely have future headliner potential. One of these days Rock Titan will have to do a more expanded feature on them. However, this night belonged to Pop Evil, and Jamieson would provide some laughs before Leigh Kakaty and company hit the stage.

Everyone that’s familiar with Don Jamieson knows his comedy is heavily influenced by his life in Rock N Roll & Heavy Metal. As he strolled on to stage, his emergence would be accompanied by Pantera’s “Walk”. Jamieson immediately started off with jokes referencing Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent and KISS. It was an absolutely hilarious set. If you have the chance to catch up with Pop Evil on one of their remaining tour dates, you should definitely do so. https://popevil.com/tour-dates/

Don Jamieson backstage on Pop Evil tour

After you’ve watched the interview with Don Jamieson above, you’d know that touring with Pop Evil is an awesome experience. One particular topic that had to be broached was that of Hayley Cramer. She is an absolute BEAST of a drummer, and that is meant in the most respectful and adoring ways possible! As the third drummer for Pop Evil, following the likes of Dylan Allison and Chachi Riot, she’d have lots to live up to. Don Jamieson would confirm what anyone who has seen Hayley already knows. This lady has got some sick chops! At one point of the show, Leigh Kakaty took a break in the set to inform the crowd of something rather awe inspiring. Earlier in the week, Hayley had torn something in her shoulder! In fact, she could be seen holding ice bags on her shoulder at any chance she could get. Leigh and the guys suggested Cramer take some time to heal on tour. But she wasn’t having it! A true warrior and quintessential example of what it is to be a ROCK STAR! That is Hayley Cramer. Despite a drumstick flying out of Hayley’s hand during “Footsteps”, she was quick to recover with her backup supply and didn’t miss a beat.

Between featuring one of the best female musicians in Rock N Roll and a top notch comedian, there’s more than enough reasons to catch up with Pop Evil on the tour trail! Do your best to make it out. They’ll be heading to Austria for the first time. So if you were ever looking to take a trip to the land down under, this would be it.

Pop Evil – “Waking Lions”

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