Thunder God Rick Allen of Def Leppard shares Drums for Peace at Wentworth Gallery

Rick Allen art exhibit at Wentworth Gallery

Rick Allen art exhibit at Wentworth Gallery

On January 14th, Wentworth Gallery at the King of Prussia Mall presented the art of legendary Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen. Rock Titan was there for the Hysteria! The line to enter the gallery was extended down the halls of the mall with eager and excited fans. Of course we’re all familiar with Rick’s incredible drumming skills and amazing story. But, many didn’t know about this very personal chapter of his life. Watch this intimate and cordial interview revealing Rick Allen’s other passion. Art!

Entering the Wentworth Gallery, I was very impressed with the set up and was greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s a beautiful space, nicely designed for a comfortable and pleasurable experience viewing art. I was immediately struck by the dynamic and vibrant paintings of Rick Allen that adorned every bit of the gallery. It wasn’t randomly spritzed paint and wild abstract that you often see from celebrities, who also call their half hearted efforts art. No! These pieces, that I viewed, were each uniquely remarkable in method and meaning. The use of multi-mediums, like CGI, Photography and Painting combined together for a beautiful creation. To say that I found his work to be inspirational would be a vast understatement.

You can see and order Rick Allen artwork from Wentworth Gallery

A very special thank you to Allison Zucker-Perelman with Relevant Communications, LLC. and Rick Allen for the invitation!

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