Sir Ringo Starr keeps The Beatles memory alive with a stop at The Borgata

Ringo Starr - Photo by Tom Collins

Story and Photos by Tom Collins

Ringo Starr - Photo by Tom Collins

Ringo Starr - Photo by Tom Collins

Colin Hay - Photo by Tom Collins

In the world of Music, no matter what genre or era, it’s hard to argue that there’s a bigger star than former drummer of The Beatles, Sir Ringo Starr! Yes, it is indeed “Sir” Ringo as he was recently knighted, joining the honor that his former band mate Paul McCartney was also given. Ringo and his All Star Band played to a packed house at The Borgata, Event Center on Saturday night.

Ringo has toured many years with several renditions of his All Star Band. This years touring band is a wealth of talented music artists in their own right. A returning and leading member of the band is Steve Lukather (Toto – Guitarist, Vocals). His guitar playing can not be understated. From songs of Toto to every other song on the set list, Steve stepped up and played every lead with passion and precision that left the crowd stunned at how incredible he was.

Joining the band on this outing is Colin Hay (Men at Work – Guitarist, Vocals). His distinctive voice has not wavered one bit over the years. He’s a fantastic addition to the band! Also joining the All Star Band is Graham Gouldman (10CC – Bass, Vocals), Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey – Keyboards, Vocals), Gregg Bissonette – Drums, Backing Vocals and last but not least, Warren Ham (Bloodrock, Kansas and AD – Saxophone, Flute, Percussion).

The set list had songs from The Beatles, Toto, Men at Work, Santana and 10CC! Each song being one of the biggest hits in Rock! Ringo would jump behind his drum kit and play alongside Gregg Bissonette on his kit. It’s amazing to watch 2 great drummers play on the same songs together, and those songs belonging to the other band members! When Ringo wasn’t playing or singing from behind the kit, he was up front on the mic singing and preaching Peace & Love to all!

Always giving the two finger “V” peace sign which has become a trademark of the Beatles drummer. Seeing a surviving member of a legendary band, The Beatles is surreal. You think about the old 1964 black and white footage of the young mop tops, playing those classics and being swarmed by Beatlemania! Now this legend who is well into his 70’s is performing some of these iconic songs still today and just as great!

Ringo also had a pop up Art Show featured in the Borgata near the venue. If you have some money to spare and would like to shop some of Ringo’s exclusive Art, you can find it right here!

All Photos by Rock Titan’s Tom Collins

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