Shallow Side ROCKER Eric Boatright shares his candid side with Rock Titan TV!

Shallow Side Interview
Rock Titan TV catches up with Eric Boatright from Shallow Side

Written by Scott Johnson

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Just a few years years ago Rock Titan saw the Official Music Video, “My Addiction“, by Shallow Side. Ever since that time, we became addicted to this up and coming Rock band from Alabama. Shallow Side has been relentlessly touring for years, sharing their refreshing style of Rock & Roll with fans across the country. As fate would have it, Shallow Side decided to make a stop in Rock Titan’s backyard of Philadelphia!

On this particular day, the venue’s AC unit decided to take a dump with the temperature getting in to the high 90’s. Fortunately, Shallow Side had a nicely air conditioned tour bus and were gracious enough to invite Rock Titan personalities Scotty J and Tom Collins on board. Getting to meet lead singer Eric Boatright confirmed what we already knew. Shallow Side knows what it takes to be successful in today’s challenging music scene, and they are determined to be one of America’s next great Rock bands. It was only a year ago that Loudwire named Shallow Side “Best New Artist” of 2016. Since that time, these southern rockers have cranked out a new EP entitled “One” along with a couple of new Official Music Videos “Rebel” and “Renegade”. Do you recognize the song “Renegade”? YOU SHOULD! It’s only one of the most popular songs from the legendary rock band STYX! Boatright is far too much a southern gentleman with the humility to state they’ve “arrived” or “made it”. But, when you’ve got the attention and approval from an artist the likes of Tommy Shaw, you might say it’s certainly a huge step along the road to success.

Throughout the course of the interview with Eric Boatright, it became ever more apparent that Shallow Side is led by a class and character that parallels the quality of their music. After revealing that a certain band bailed on them and the tour, instead of throwing them under the bus, they simply expressed their gratitude to Canadian rockers NEVER SAY DIE for stepping up and answering the call. It’s important to note that NEVER SAY DIE is comprise of members from MY DARKEST DAYS. These aren’t some guys that are wanting or needing for the attention. They simply showed the ultimate respect and class of their own by coming out and supporting the tour.

Bringing their powerful stage presence from the days of MY DARKEST DAYS, the guys from NEVER SAY DIE displayed a talent level that made clear why songs like “PORN STAR DANCING” were overnight successes. Providing additional hype and anticipation for Shallow Side’s Philly debut were local bands Dead Stop, The Good Mess, and Siravo! You should also recognize Siravo, as these guys were extremely close in the running as the opener for Avenged Sevenfold. Just a short while ago, Rock Titan got to speak with Siravo frontman Michael Archangelo. After seeing them LIVE it’s clear why the competition between Siravo and Everlit was so tight when it came down to who would open for Avenged Sevenfold.

Success in the music industry today may be more difficult to attain than ever before. After meeting Shallow Side and seeing them perform live, it’s clear they not only possess the talent but also the mentality to make it. With 3 EP’s already under their belt, they now turn their attention to creating a full LP. It’s a special occasion when you know you’re witnessing a band on the rise to greatness. Be certain to catch Shallow Side on tour, should you get the opportunity. Most certainly check out their new EP “ONE”.


Photos by Tom Collins

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