Tantric avoids a breakdown and leaves you astounded with Mercury Retrograde

Tantric - Photo by Ambler Irby

Tantric - Photo by Ambler Irby

Sebastian LaBar - Photo by Ambler Irby

Jaron Gulino - Photo by Ambler Irby

Troy Patrick Farrell - Photo by Ambler Irby

Tantric - Photo by Ambler Irby

Hugo Ferreira - Photo by Ambler Irby

Story & Interview by Scotty J
Photos by Ambler Irby “Out With Ambler”

Prepare to be astounded when you hear the new Tantric album ‘Mercury Retrograde‘. New music emanating from the pipes of Hugo Ferreira has been anticipated for some time now. It’s been 4 years since the release of ‘Blue Room Archives’. But, come October 5, 2018 Tantric will be releasing one of it’s finest works to date.

Tantric discusses Mercury Retrograde

With ‘Mercury Retrograde‘ we once again find ourselves getting familiar with a whole new band lineup. Just a little over a year ago, Rock Titan caught up with Tantric on the “Make America Rock Again” tour. At that point it was Ty Fury on guitar, Scott Wilson on bass, and Mike Smith on drums. The current lineup of Tantric includes a cast of musicians that many should be familiar with as Troy Patrick Farrell takes over drums, Sebastian Labar on lead guitar, and Jaron Gulino on bass. All the while we’ve got that unmistakable baritone voice of Hugo Ferreira. Let me just tell you all now that a petition should be signed insuring this group stays together for at least a couple more records.


Mercury Retrograde represents Tantric’s most sincere attempt at recapturing the magic attained with their debut self-titled album. That being said, this record is indeed a true return to their post-grunge nu metal sound. For any Tantric fans out there that have been longing for a new string of hits like ‘Breakdown‘ and ‘Astounded‘, consider your wish granted. On this latest release, you’ve got 10 tracks. Although one of those tracks, ‘My Forever‘, is an acoustical remix that appears earlier in the record.

Speaking of ‘My Forever‘, be prepared for this to be the new most highly requested wedding song. Talk about a love sonnet. Moving on, a fan favorite of Mercury Retrograde will undoubtedly be ‘Letting Go‘. This particular track is indicative of Tantric’s early sound. At first you almost think you’re hearing Breakdown part 2. There is a very good reason for that! The acoustic guitar in ‘Letting Go‘ is played by none other than Tantric’s original guitarist Todd Whitener.

Right smack in the middle of Tantric’s new masterpiece is ‘Lie Awake‘. This song, like ‘Letting Go’, gives you more of that signature sound of earlier days. But, make no mistake, new guitarist Sebastian Labar and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell put their stamp on this song and define why they should be fixtures in the recordings ahead. The full track listing is as follows:

Get Em All
Before You Could Crawl
Lie Awake
My Forever
The Last Stumble
Letting Go
My Forever (Acoustic Mix)

Once Mercury Retrograde makes itself available on October 5, 2018 I wouldn’t expect to purchase the songs a la carte. There’s honestly not a bad track on this album, and you won’t be disappointed purchasing the entire product outright. I wasn’t kidding earlier about petitioning Tantric to keep this current lineup together. There’s no question they’ve got something special going. SEE REMAINING TOUR DATES

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