Texas Hippie Coalition delivers a Bullseye with High In The Saddle

Texas Hippie Coalition - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan
Texas Hippie Coalition - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Photos by "Out With Ambler" - Texas Hippie Coalition - Rock Titan

Texas Hippie Coalition - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Texas Hippie Coalition - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Texas Hippie Coalition - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Story and Photos by Out With Ambler
Followed with a full review of ‘High In The Saddle’ by Scotty J

Riding high in the saddle, the boys from Texas rode in to Richmond, Virginia last Friday night to deliver their own unique brand of Red Dirt Metal! “Out With Ambler” was ready and willing to get dirty! Texas Hippie Coalition is touring in support of their new album ‘High In The Saddle’ featuring the first, and mighty high proof, single “Moonshine”!

To say THC’s fan base is loyal is one of the biggest understatements one could make. This group of musical outlaws has a family in their fans. Just walk into one of their shows and you will immediately become part of it.

We in the THC family were treated to some of our favorites by the band such as “8 Seconds”, “Stevie Nicks” and, of course, the Dirt Metal anthem for the ages “Pissed Off and Mad About It”. The crowd, being family, was obviously well versed in the new music, signing right along with “Moonshine” and “Dirty Finger” (an audience participation song!).

Do not EVER miss THC when they come to your town! You can bet your last jar of Moonshine that Out With Ambler will be at every show near her territory!

Ambler with Texas Hippie Coalition

Now for Scotty J’s take on the new THC masterpiece!

Moonshine – Awesome video! Texas Hippie Coalition wanted to go Tarantino. They succeeded. Liquor flowing and guns a blazin. This song was something out of Sons of Anarchy.

Dirty Finger – If I didn’t know this was THC, I’d have thought it was Godsmack. Who doesn’t like to party all night long? What a great drinking song!

Bring it Baby – This is the ultimate anthem for any competition. Hard hitting heavy metal. Whoever and whatever your adversary may be… BRING IT BABY!

Ride or Die – After the first few tracks, you’d never guess Texas Hippie Coalition would be showcasing a softer side. Ride or Die is an awesome interlude to whatever lies ahead.

Tongue Like a Devil – Love the lyrics. Love the sound. If this were the last song of the album it would have completed one of the best metal EP’s I ever heard. I wasn’t all that familiar with THC prior to this album. I’m now officially a huge fan.

Texas Hippie Coalition – Moonshine

Why Aren’t You Listening – Definitely the deepest song on this track. I have a deep appreciation for artists that address behavioral health issues. This song does it nicely. Kudos THC!

Stevie Nicks – As a Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fan, I would love the white witch’s take on this song. All I can say is that I share THC’s sentiments. A great show of respect to a music icon inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame not once but twice.

Bullseye – This was a song I felt a very personal connection to. It’s symbolic of going for your goals. Balls out to the extreme, but just be certain what you’re doing.

Tell it from the Ground – How many people have you wanted to say that to? Sure it maybe cruel, but it’s straight up to the point. When you’re sick of the rhetoric, this song puts the deliverer in their place.

Blue Lights On – What better way to wrap things up than to declare you’re just gonna keep on going despite what’s in the rear view mirror? You’ve got a destination. There’s motivation to get there. There’s consequences if you persist. The decision is yours.

High In The Saddle is an awesome album the whole way through. This will be a part of my daily playlist. I’m so jealous of Ambler having hung out with Texas Hippie Coalition in person, while I was stuck at Rock Titan headquarters, when they were coming through my neck of the woods. No restraints will keep me bound the next time they roll through. I just don’t see how any hard rock/heavy metal fans will balk at this album. THC fans especially should be stoked!

Check out the Texas Hippie Coalition YouTube Channel for their latest releases!

Of course you can always see the latest video activity from Rock Titan on their YouTube channel too!

THC Photogallery by Out With Ambler

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