Walking Papers frontman Jeff Angell is grateful for Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

Story and Interview by Scotty J
Photos by Ambler Irby

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

Walking Papers - Photo by Ambler Irby

There’s something to be said for musicians that appreciate their fans. Too many times, I’ve been to shows when the bands do a “B Line” for the tour bus the minute they exit the stage. If they are sticking around after the show, it’s only because fans have paid a good chunk of change for the VIP pass. Then you have musicians like Jefferson Angell, frontman of Walking Papers. This is a guy who goes from the stage to the merch table. Jeff doesn’t just do this out of some moral obligation. To him, all of his fans are VIP’s and meeting them has resulted in lifelong friendship.

Jeff Angell Interview after the show

Jeff Angell: (on heading to the merch table) “I usually go back there to meet with the people and try to say hello. Try to be a friendly guy and grateful to the people that are showing up, supporting live music and all that kind of stuff.”

Scotty J: “I’m so glad you brought that up and that’s one of the things I love about you. A lot of the bands nowadays, most bands have a VIP package. Fans can go meet with them before the show or after the show, get things signed and stuff like that. You don’t necessarily see a lot of the musicians going out to the merch table, and meet with the fans that essentially provide them with a career. Here you are doing that. Why do you do that?”

Jeff Angell: “They’re all VIP to me. So, I’m happy to have them.”

Scotty J: “Is that something that was ingrained in you? Did you take that lead from any other musicians that you may have idolized as a young musician growing up? Or, is that just who Jefferson Angell is?”

Jeff Angell: “I think it’s more just me. I’m just a driven person, and part of me is trying to make a connection with people. I kind of like to meet the people. Sometimes it doesn’t go well. But most times I find they’re really cool people and become long term friends.”

If you hadn’t already listened to Walking Papers, that right there should be enough to make you a fan. However, their new album ‘WP2’ is out now and has gotten rave reviews. As a follow up to the debut album, ‘Walking Papers’, the sophomore product from Jeff Angell, Duff McKagan, Barrett Martin and company is nothing short of spectacular. Rock & Roll with a groovy infused attitude is probably the best way it can be described. Tracks like “Death on the Lips” and “Hard to Look Away” are examples of a sound not produced by many bands these days. Walking Papers are truly something unique and fresh to an industry that’s become saturated with so many bands that just sound the same.

It is bitter sweet that Duff McKagan and Barrett Martin both had to leave Walking Papers not long after WP2’s release. However, Jeff has zero resentment. On the contrary, Angell has nothing but gratitude for their involvement in the first place. With Duff rejoining Guns N’ Roses for their tour and Barrett Martin on his solo project, there just wasn’t any way for them to hit the road with Walking Papers. Currently on tour with Myles Kennedy & Co., Walking Papers has made touring musicians Will Andrews and Dan Spalding permanent members. That said, with Jeff at the helm, the band retains its attitude with an original swanky smooth Rock & Roll sound.

Walking Papers – Death on the Lips – Garage Sessions

Be sure to check out remaining tour dates and pick up ‘WP2’ if you haven’t already!

DEC 13 Myles Kennedy & Co. at Lewis & Clark Brewing Company Helena, MT
DEC 14 Fox Presents: Myles Kennedy & Co. Year of the Tiger Tour Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox Spokane, WA
DEC 16 Myles Kennedy & Co. Moore Theatre Seattle, WA
DEC 28 WALKING PAPERS with Black Ferns and The Wilder Dante’s Portland, OR
DEC 29 Walking Papers at The Crocodile Seattle, WA

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