Mason Pace releases 1st EP “Whateverland” with Hall of Fame support!

Story by Scotty J

When we first caught up with Mason Pace 3 month ago, it was easy to be impressed with the young Rocker. Coordinating a benefit, to aid in the healing from the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School, would be a huge undertaking for anyone. But to be a 16 year old junior in High School and putting on such an event is something special. So, it could be no surprise that we’d be equally in awe of Mason Pace’s first EP “Whateverland”.

Mason Pace talks about the “Whateverland” release party

We were fortunate to get some Skype time with Pace and pick up where we left off from our last conversation. It was mentioned there was an EP in the works, and now “Whateverland” is here! This first music release by Mason Pace is comprised of 7 tracks that are part of a progressive story. Each song has it’s own unique style and could very well be the template for what can be expected from the next great generation of Rock Stars.

Speaking of great Rock Stars, there has been speculation of a collaboration between Pace and a particular Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. That HOF inductee would be none other than Robin Zander from Cheap Trick. It just so happened that the official photographer of Chip Trick, Jeff Daily, was in attendance at the “Whateverland” EP release party. It’s clear that Mason Pace has a bright future ahead, and will honorably represent the next generation of career musicians.

Be sure to check out Whateverland!!! Here’s the track list:

All The Way
City Girl
Ready To Go
Mountains and Mansions
What I Thought We Are
Timmy and Jimmy

For some additional backstory on our first encounter with Mason Pace, check this out!

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