Alter Bridge Clears Away the Storms at Virginia Credit Union Live – An Out With Ambler Review

Photo Credit: Out With Ambler

Alter Bridge has been tirelessly touring in support their 2022 release Pawns and Kings and I, Out With Ambler, was fortunate enough to catch them in Richmond, Virginia this past Monday evening.   Under threatening skies the show kicked off with Mammoth WVH, but by the time Alter Bridge took the stage, the rock God’s decided to bless this outdoor venue and it’s eager fans by clearing the area of all storms.

Alter Bridge is celebrating the 19th Anniversary of their first release One Day Remains this week and I must say, this band continuously, show after show, year after year, takes the stage and performs with great passion. Passion for their lyrics, their music and their fans. I can’t even count the times I have seen Alter Bridge perform and every time it’s been a magical experience.

We were presented with 15 songs, representing five of their albums. Three of which were from their 2022 release with Fable Of The Silent Song just recently being added to this set. Two acoustic tunes, back to back, Watch Over You and In Loving Memory brought my dear friend who accompanied me to the show to tears, (having recently lost her mother). That’s the thing with his band, they can make you feel so much emotion, whether it be touching a difficult spot in your heart, bringing back a memory or inspiring you to be a better person for those around you (think Rise Today). I feel certain this experience will aid in her healing from her loss.

We should all aspire to “…rise today and change this world…” even if it’s something as simple as listening to such positive messages Alter Bridge has for us, as it’s impossible to walk away from one of their shows not feeling better about yourself and the world around you.

– Out With Ambler 

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