Metal Church releases FROM THE VAULT with tracks never heard before!

Review of FROM THE VAULT and Interview with Mike Howe by Scotty J

Metal Church is undeniably one of the greatest metal bands of all time. It could be argued that some of their greatest work has been during the Mike Howe eras. With the release of “From The Vault”, Metal Church proves their music and songwriting is as strong as ever.

We may be forced into social distancing during this coronavirus pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped us from speaking with some of the greatest musicians from around the globe. Mike Howe was kind enough to Skype with Rock Titan’s Scotty J about a number of topics ranging from regrowing his hair to previously unreleased songs from “Damned If You Do”.

Mike Howe of Metal Church jokes on regrowing hair and making From The Vault

Dead on the Vine – These guys just prove they’re one of the greatest metal bands of all time! Saying “the big 4” is nothing but an insult to these dudes. Mike Howe has one of the best voices in metal period!

For No Reason – Immediately Metal Church comes out swinging! You won’t find a better classic metal sound anywhere! Not Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden…. Metal Church is simply one of the best. Howe is one of those voices you must respect! Vandherhoof slays it!

Conductor – Originally released in 1993 on Hanging In The Balance and last album for Mike Howe before his 2015 return. Great addition to the track list!

Metal Church “Conductor” (2020 Redux) Official Audio

Above the Madness – I feel like I need to go out and purchase a firebird just so I can go out and blast this music properly. I’d be head banging next to every car I pull up to. I would love to see some new young band go out and play metal like this! To my knowledge no such band exists.

Metal Church – The making of “Damned If You Do”

Mind Thief – Mind stolen. Great song writing that is easily digested. No need for lyric lookups or subtitles. It’s clear. You get it.

Tell Lie Vision – Anyone’s necks hurt yet? You’re either beautifully young or have defied the test of time. This album is pure head banging magic.

False Flag – Given the landscape we’re currently in, I’m curious how much time just repeats itself. I wish I were talented enough to animate. A Beavis & Butthead skit would be epic for this track.

False Flag (B-Side from the “Damned If You Do” Sessions)

Insta Mental – I love how the song kicks off with the guitar solo. Never mind saving the metal for later in the song. Metal Church just gets right to it!

432Hz – The acoustic guitar was most unexpected. A complete instrumental track and it was sweet! Not something you’d ever expect from Metal Church, but that’s what makes them great.

Please Don’t Judas Me – Awesome Nazareth cover!

Green Eyed Lady – What a great cover from Sugarloaf! Metal Church cranks this out in style!

Black Betty – A classic by Ram Jam and these guys crush it! A cover worth your attention.


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