Out With Ambler Reflects on the Sevendust Set at Virginia Credit Union Live 8/07/2023

Photo Credit - Out With Ambler

A Sevendust Concert Review by Out With Ambler

I, Out With Ambler, would like to begin this review at the end. The end of Sevendust‘s set. After photographing I made my way into the crowd, as close to the rail as I could get. Once the band left the stage the young person beside me asked if I am a Sevendust fan. I answered “Of course! I have loved them for many years and seen them countless times!” His eyes lit up as he proceeded to tell me they are his favorite band and this was his first time seeing them live! He continued by saying how incredible the set was and how much it touched him that Lajon (who was wearing a Mammoth WVH T-shirt) seemed to slow things down and express to the audience the meaningfulness of the fans to them, and the music they bring to us. “Music is medicine and we are the doctors” being just one example.

 Sevendust‘s music has always been very emotionally packed and their stage presence reflects that in every performance. It’s impossible to not feel encouraged, energized, and uplifted during a Sevendust show.  This evening we were treated to 10 songs encompassing six albums. All well received with the audience being delighted to hear two songs from their latest release Truth Killer, Fence and played live for the first time, Everything.  Sevendust is simply phenomenal, performance after performance. I don’t believe there’s anyone who could argue this.

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– Out With Ambler

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