Out With Ambler visits Mammoth WVH at Virginia Credit Union Live 8/07/2023

Photo Credit - Out With Amber

A Mammoth WVH Concert Review by Out With Ambler

I was 11 years old when Van Halen II was released.  My young and impressionable mind was completely gobsmacked by this work, most especially by the unique sounds that can only be attributed to the master himself, Eddie Van Halen. That being said, when I was given the opportunity to attend and photograph the master’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen with his band Mammoth WVH,  there was no way I could pass on that opportunity.

Wolfgang has been blessed with such a talent that he has chosen to form into his own style.   I must say that I was definitely impressed. He, along with his band mates in Mammoth WVH, put on an impressive set featuring nine songs. Five from their first release and four from their recently released Mammoth II.

As Wolfgang spoke to the audience between songs, he did so with humor, and at times expressing genuine care for the crowd who had come out in the extreme heat asking that they please stay hydrated and take care of themselves.  The audience was very receiving of the band and many were sporting Mammoth WVH t-shirts (not something you typically see for the opening band). That in itself tells me they are building a very loyal following.   I urge you to catch Mammoth WVH on tour with Sevendust and Alter Bridge for possibly the best tour of the summer.

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