Fieldy Returns to Bass for StillWell’s Dominant 3rd Album “Supernatural Miracle”

Legendary supergroup and multifaceted alternative rock band StillWell are back and more explosive than ever. The trio, made up of vocalist/guitarist Anthony “Q-Unique” Quiles, bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, and drummer Noah “Wuv” Bernardo, release their third album, ​Supernatural Miracle, ​on September 18.

Drawing on their past releases including albums ​Raise It Up​ (2015) and ​Dirtbag​ (2011), Supernatural Miracle​ serves as the culmination of years worth of finding their voice. With this release, these musical legends are sure to give you a fresh new look at who they are apart from their histories, but together as a collective. So what exactly does Rock Titan think of StillWell’s latest effort? See Review below!

Fieldy from Korn discusses NEW StillWell album “Supernatural Miracle” with Rock Titan Live

Errant Thoughts on “Supernatural Miracle” by StillWell – A Rock Titan Review written by Scotty J

You Don’t Wanna Know – Starting off in style, these guys must enjoy working with one another. It’s truly a different sound than what Fieldy and Wuv produce in Korn or P.O.D..

Gasoline – Q-Unique has a great voice. He can play some guitar too. StillWell has collective chops without question, and has that “it” factor to be successful on their own. This track has a Shinedown feel to it.

A Come To Jesus Moment – Continuing on from Gasoline, StillWell produces an extremely commercially friendly sound. Q-Unique has vocals that could be compared to Brent Smith from Shinedown or Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.

StillWell “A Come To Jesus Moment”

Could’ve Sworn – I’m honestly digging this album so far. While StillWell has yet to produce anything with a strong lead guitar presence, their chemistry works. The song writing rises above other expectations.

Best Day Ever – Here’s a chill track. I feel like I’m cruising the strip down at the beach. For a moment there I thought I’d be eating my words with reference to a guitar solo… but alas.

Inconvenience – This track is unlike anything else on the album. StillWell certainly creates the most alternative sound heard so far. I really dig Fieldy’s pronounced presence on bass. It’s dominating.

Everything’ll Be Better – Q went in a very different direction vocally here. There’s no boxing him in on any given style. The progression from track to track features so many different sounds. Q-Unique lets loose a bit on guitar more so than anything else you’ll hear. P.O.D.’s Wuv is solid with more traditional rock n roll chops on the drum kit.

Alright Alright – This song tells me StillWell needs to be a more prominently featured band, and they definitely need to write more records. They have a great sound and I think they could be a very popular band on there own, apart from the success they’ve had with their other bands.

Stillwell “Gasoline” Quarantine Video Version

In A Rush – Fieldy carries this song with his bass playing, although Q and Wuv make this track appear to be more than what most trios can pull off.

Change The Channel – DO NOT change the channel. There’s a strong punk feel here. I really dig the varied arrangement throughout this song. Q showcases some of his best guitar work yet. He certainly proves he can handle 6 strings. Wuv has an awesome presence! It’s cool to hear a different style out of him.

Contagious – I know this is the last track. But I find myself wanting more. This may actually be the most complete song featuring the best of the best from StillWell’s skill set. Great vocals. A bass solo teaser. I’d almost think David Grohl wrote this. Has that kind of sound.

StillWell must stay together and not allow so much time before their next release. They have an unquestionable synergy. It’s not fair to call them a supergroup. They’re just a group of talented musicians that make great music completely unique from any of their other productions. Rock Titan is going to give this an 8.5 of 10!

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