Blackmore’s Night Share 25th Anniversary Mix of “Play Minstrel Play”

With only a few weeks left until the long-awaited reissue edition of Blackmore’s Night‘s debut album Shadow Of The Moon (1997) will be released in stores worldwide, the band’s delivers another exciting foretaste with the launch of the 25th Anniversary Mix of “Play Minstrel Play — available as digital single.

On “Play Minstrel Play,” Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night teamed up with longtime family friend Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) and created a magical and timeless fan-favorite.

On March 10, 2023, the fully remixed 25th Anniversary Edition of Shadow Of The Moon will become available in a variety of physical Deluxe Editions, all carrying an exclusive Shadow Of The Moon documentary on DVD as bonus as well as two previously unreleased acoustic recordings.

Pre-order the reissue album here.

“Shadow of The Moon” (25th Anniversary New Mix) (Vinyl Side A)
“The Clock Ticks On” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Be Mine Tonight” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Play Minstrel Play” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Ocean Gypsy” (25th Anniversary New Mix) (Vinyl Side B)
“Minstrel Hall” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Magical World” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Writing on The Wall” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Renaissance Faire” (25th Anniversary New Mix) (Vinyl Side C)
“Memmingen” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“No Second Chance” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Mond Tanz” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Spirit of The Sea” (25th Anniversary New Mix) (Vinyl Side D)
“Greensleeves” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Wish You Were Here” (25th Anniversary New Mix)
“Shadow of The Moon” (Ritchie & Candice Anniversary Home Session) (7″ Single, Track A)
“Spirit of The Sea” (Ritchie & Candice Anniversary Home Session) (7″ Single, Track B)

Documentary: The story of “Shadow of The Moon” (30 min)
Music Video Clips “Shadow of The Moon,” “No Second Chance,” “Renaissance Faire” (with optional audio commentary by Candice Night + Ritchie Blackmore)

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