Blameshift is getting some MONSTER attention as seen on ROCK TITAN TV with Jenny Mann

Jenny Mann lead singer of Blameshift
Blameshift Official Music Video MONSTER

What can Rock Titan say about Blameshift? How about they just simply KICK ASS! Since Rock Titan’s inception, we’ve been following Blameshift’s rise to fame with such hits as Secrets, Ghost, and now MONSTER! Lead Singer Jenny Mann brings her captivating stage presence to every music video, as she’s surrounded by her amazing cast of talent including Tim Barbour on lead guitar. Not only does Blameshift entertain their fans with their incredible music talents, but they’ve continued to support various philanthropies. With all the strings Barbour has broken on various tours, he and Jenny created STRUNG jewelry. Official hard rock jewelry made by the rock stars themselves. Check out this interview between Blameshift singer Jenny Mann and Rock Titan VJ Scotty J to get caught up with the pride of Long Island!

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