Currents Releases NEW Album “The Way It Ends”

CURRENTS is the new standard for death-infused metalcore. This is emotionally fraught and impossibly angry music soaked in cold, depressive atmosphere. CURRENTS explore the forbidden realms of a tortured psyche, searching for meaning amidst uncertain chaos and venom.

Currents talks about NEW album THE WAY IT ENDS – Full Interview with Brian Wille

Heartache, physical abuse, abandonment, trauma – no dark emotion is spared examination. CURRENTS also turn their gaze outward, offering no mercy to man-made catastrophes like climate change and animal abuse. An exploitative system that inflicts such harm upon humanity and the entire world will not be spared the wrath within this explosive, weaponized bombast.

The Way It Ends, the second full-length from the Connecticut bruisers, is a thematic and spiritual successor to their dense, bludgeoning, and smartly constructed full-length debut, The Place I Feel Safest (2017), and a direct follow-up to the blistering and diverse EP, I Let The Devil In (2018).

Kerrang! put “Silence” from The Place I Feel Safest on a list of the 15 Greatest Mosh-Calls in Heavy Music, alongside bangers by genre leaders like Parkway Drive and Code Orange. Calling the song an “exploration of emotional torment, all blunt force riffage, wiry guitars, and spat vocals,” the rock mag summarized the track as “a narcotic blend of melodrama and madness.”

Currents – Poverty of Self (Official Music Video)

Album number two was produced by ex-For Today guitarist Ryan Leitru (Sleeping Giant, Your Memorial) and Wiseman, generating the kind of expansive and expressive performances best captured by producer/engineers who are also passionate musicians. Mixing duties were handled by ex-Periphery multi-instrumentalist Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders). The Way It Ends was mastered by Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Issues).

Some Errant Thoughts on “The Way It Ends” by Scotty J

It Was Never There – Brian’s vocals immediately pull you in making you feel what he’s feeling. Great kick off to this new record.

A Flag To Wave – Every piece of this band forms a force of raw intensity. It is truly electric as it’s impossible not to feel powered up and ready to mosh.

Poverty of Self – Having hung out with Wille, his demeanor is quite contrary to the music Currents makes. You don’t get the sense he’s a hard core dude in person. However, 3 songs in, currents is as hard core as it gets.

Monsters – All you metal heads have to be rejoicing by now. The vocal diversity of Brian Wille is as superior as anything that exists in the genre of metal. Wiseman, Castaldi, Pulgarin, and Young throw down in a big way! It wouldn’t be surprising to see these guys headlining big events in the future.

Currents – A Flag To Wave (Official Music Video)

Kill The Ache – This song is a continuance of excellence. There a heavier presence of keyboards that Currents makes work. It’s an incredibly impressive production. You’d swear these guys were well established in there music careers.

Let Me Leave – I love how every song has such a different opening sound. This maybe one of the lighter songs of the album. It just shows the powerful diverse capabilities of the band.

Origin – I’ve been waiting to find some fault with this album. Haven’t found it yet. Origin incorporates a variety of sound that may showcase the widest range of artistic talent on the album so far.

Split – Currents come out ripping steel and quickly showcases Brian’s melodic side. Then you get right back into the metal core side of this band. Split winds up being as the name implies. Two very distinctly different sounds from an impressive group of guys.

Second Skin – No messing around on this track. Currents breaks right into action. But again you get this consistent vocal battle raging between the melodic and demonic.

How I Fall Apart – Maybe one of my favorite songs off this album. Some serious arena worthy sound here. The tour season must resume so these guys can hit the stage! I’d love to see them live in support of this album.

Currents – Monsters (Official Visualizer)

Better Days – What a way to bring this album to a close. It’s safe to say we all hope for better days ahead. Since 2020 kicked off its been a complete disaster. Bands like Currents prove their are Better Days ahead, because they are making some awesome music.

This is a phenomenal album in its entirety. Not something to be purchased as singles. Just go get it. Currents represent an awesome new generation of metal core!

Brian Wille – Vocals
Chris Wiseman – Guitar
Ryan Castaldi – Guitar
Chris Pulgarin – Bass
Matt Young – Drums

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