FEUERSCHWANZ Releases New Live Video for “I See Fire” Feat. GLORYHAMMER’s Angus McFife

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Germany’s hottest and most entertaining medieval folk rockers, FEUERSCHWANZ, have prevailed against pandemic paralysis, releasing two recent virtual live highlights under the banner Die letzte Schlacht (engl. The Final Battle) today!

In celebration, the medieval rockers of FEUERSCHWANZ present a very special performance, inviting Angus McFife of GLORYHAMMER to cover the Ed Sheeran song “I See Fire” with them! Together they add a metric ton of medieval power that will have you out of your seat in no time.

FEUERSCHWANZ comment their new live video:
“The original version of “I See Fire” (Ed Sheeran) sent shivers down our spines when we heard the song at the cinema at the end of the “The Hobbit” movie back then. The lyrics and music seem to evolve directly from the mythical world of Middle-earth! So it was a special affair of the heart for us to perform our folk metal version of the song live. On top we got Angus McFife from GLORYHAMMER as a real warrior to join us on vocals. We are incredibly proud to present this special live-version from our online show Die letzte Schlacht!”


FEUERSCHWANZ – I See Fire ft. Angus McFife (Live) | Napalm Records

Despite the yawn-worthy barrenness of festival fields and stages, the Franconian formation has inimitably managed to capture the magic of a live concert, twice – gifting fans an entertaining adventure full of hits and a huge dose of humor on Die letzte Schlacht.

Featuring high quality footage, electrifying pyro, lighting effects, and above all, the unique, charismatic, tongue-in-cheek talents of the band, Die letzte Schlacht is an absolute must-have. May your drinking horns never be empty and the mead flow forever!

FEUERSCHWANZ on Die letzte Schlacht:
“We are very happy and proud to see all the live power of FEUERSCHWANZ, as well as our creative work of the pandemic period, collected as this piece of art for eternity. ”

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FEUERSCHWANZ on Die letzte Schlacht
The virtual concert, Die letzte Schlacht, was originally released in January this year, and presents an adventurous ride through the discography of FEUERSCHWANZ with the band itself as grandiose protagonists and storytellers. Topped by some great guest appearances, including Angus McFife (Gloryhammer), members of Saltatio Mortis and Patty Gurdy, this night to remember can now be experienced over and over again from the comfort of your own home. Secondly, Hauptmann Feuerschwanz and his entourage revisit their virtually released open air (11:O:A) from their last album, the chartbreaking Das Elfte Gebot (The eleventh commandment, 2020, GER #3), and deliver more than two hours of hits.

Die letzte Schlacht is an absolute must-have. May your drinking horns never be empty and the mead flow forever!

The Die letzte Schlacht album will be available digitally in North America!

Die letzte Schlacht tracklist:

1. Powermet-Intro
2. Lords of Powermet
3. Metnotstand im Märchenland
4. Die Hörner hoch
5. Moderation Schubsetanz
6. Schubsetanz
7. Das Elfte Gebot
8. Totentanz
9. Moderation Metfest
10. Metfest
11. Meister der Minne
12. Ding
13. Moderation Hauptmann und Maid
14. Hauptmann und Maid (feat. Patty Gurdy, Saltatio Mortis)
15. Schildmaid (feat. Saltatio Mortis)
16. Kampfzwerg
17. I See Fire (feat. Angus McFife)
18. Das Hämmerunser
19. Methämmer
20. Malleus Maleficarum
21. Unter dem Drachenbanner

Hauptmann Feuerschwanz – vocals, guitar
Johanna von der Vögelweide – violin, hurdy-gurdy
Sir Lanzeflott – drums
Jarne Hodinsson – bass
Prinz Hodenherz – flutes, bagpipe, guitars, vocals
Hans der Aufrechte – guitar

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