Rix Boker is Firing All Cylinders while dominating the Southern California Airwaves

Rix Boker Here We Go
Rix Boker is the frontman for Firing All Cylinders

Southern California seems the place to be these days if you’re a Hard Rock Heavy Metal fan! Once again, Rock Titan has been illuminated to the new “smash you in the face sound” of Firing All Cylinders. Recently signed to Awfully Good Records, lead singer Rix Boker and his band Firing All Cylinders lights up the airwaves of Southern California with new hits “Bounce House” and “My Way”. Curious just how hardcore this young foursome it? The new music video “Bounce House” demonstrates that they can do a lot more than walk and chew gum. These guys rock out while flipping through the air! Check out this interview between Rock Titan VJ Scotty J and Firing All Cylinders vocalist Rix Boker, and find out why a road trip may be in order.

Special thanks to Eric at Awfully Good Records & Bob Bradley PR+Marketing

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