King’s X ‘Three Sides of One’ – A Rock Titan Review

It’s been a privilege to hang out with members of King’s X over the years.  Every time I’ve caught up with Dug or Ty, the question always arose “when are we going to get some new music?”.  After all, it’s been 14 years since the release of ‘XV’.  There was never any question that new music was coming.  It was just a matter of when?  Well that question has finally been answered.  On September 2, 2022 the world would finally be blessed with the release of King’s X ‘Three sides of One’.  It would also be my extraordinary honor to host an LIVE Podcast via MeetHook Live.  That podcast can be watched here

Jerry Gaskill on Rock Titan podcast with Scotty J

So what did Rock Titan Podcast Host, Scotty J, think about King’s X ‘Three Sides of One’?  Read on!

Let it rain – Immediately kicking off with heavy Ty Tabor guitar riffs, and Jerry following close behind on percussion, the most unique and distinguished vocals of Doug Pinnick are introduced. The only feeling can be “finally”! They sound amazing and do not disappoint on this opening track. The wait has been worth it. Somewhere in rock heaven the legendary Hendrix is signaling his respect.

Flood Pt 1 – Orchestra?  One might say “huh?”. No sooner does a blood curdling stream blast your ear drums accompanied by some seriously hard core metal sounding riffs. If only a temporary effect, King’s X means business. The melodic mastery of Pinnick, Tabor, and Gaskill unite. You definitely get your pallet wet with everything at once and all that’s made this band great for decades.

Nothing But The Truth – This is nothing but an epic ballad from a trio of genius. Maybe the most unheralded rock band of all time. They prove their chemistry is as solid as ever and there’s nothing they can’t do. Ty throws in a whale of a guitar solo. Brian May! Are you listening?

Give it Up – Now here’s some of my favorite King’s X style.  Funky grooves! What bands can switch the flip like these guys? When Dug says “May the groove be with you” this is what he’s talking about. His bass playing is flat out jamming.

All God’s Children – What a beautiful song! For those of you that didn’t have the privilege of joining the live Meethook debut on 9/2/2022, you may not be aware of how yours truly, Scotty J, screwed up! But King’s X and I had a tremendous amount of fun discussing this track. Of course this song is accompanied by a most excellent Official Music Video. Check it out!

Take The Time – Notice anything different about the vocals from the onset? It isn’t Dug. Just beautiful classic rock feel and style! These guys went all out in showcasing a wide array of their music skills, passion, and songwriting. It’s just a magnificent change of pace that will have King’s X lifers in awe.

Festival – Again we’ve got a vocally collaborative effort. There’s no question Jerry, Ty, and Dug decided to have maybe more fun in this production than they’ve ever had before. This epitomizes ‘Three Sides of One’. 3 life long band mates uniting in 1 truly collaborative effort that’s been a long time coming. Ty throws in some sick guitar licks for good measure.

Swipe Up – I love the heavy, thick, funky, groove with which this track kicks off. Funny thing about this track… we were all talking about how to get Zoom working the way we wanted properly before the live 9/2/2022 broadcast. Everyone’s like “Swipe up! Swipe down! Swipe left! Right click!” At the end the final answer is Swipe Up!

Holidays – You could literally add this to your holiday playlist for any occasion. Reminiscent of the great tunes from the 60’s, there’s no question where King’s X gets there influences. I know these guys opened for the Woodstock reboot. But had this been in the 60’s they’d have been a Woodstock headliner and Rock n Roll royalty!

Watcher – There’s some “Black Flag” feel in this for me. Anyone? Anyone? I love the collaborative vocals with this track. There’s also some cool instrumental effects not heard on previous tracks. This may be one of my favorite songs on the album. Ty crushes!

She Called Me Home – Gotta dig the vocals on this song. The instrumental composition is one of my favorites on the album as well. The song writing on “Three Sides of One” is some of the best I’ve ever heard out of these guys. Not a single bad track or anything you could consider as “filler” so far. Absolutely nothing to dismiss or throw away.

Every Everywhere – I continue to be blown away by the collaborative vocals and how they’re mixed so perfectly. I know Dug, Ty, Jerry, and Michael were thrilled with the result. With this song you can definitely understand why. Ty’s guitar work throughout the album is just exceptional. What an epic masterpiece! This should definitely be up for album of the year! Rock album of the year! Dare I say these guys deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame as much as anybody who has ever been inducted?


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