Like Machines releases 2nd single, “Destitute”, as a follow up to “Kaiser”!

Like Machines - Destitute

You can have everything, yet have nothing. You can have nothing, yet have everything. This is the latest message shared from Like Machines in their latest official music video release, Destitute!

Like Machines – Destitute

Once known as The Stir, newly rebranded “Like Machines” is hard at work continuing what they started. It’s not easy to risk starting over. But with quality character, one may avoid being truly destitute. The symbolism in Like Machines latest release is truly palpable. Success, fortune, and glory is fleeting if not a total facade.

Through perseverance and conviction, anything is attainable. Like Machines have a great sound and lyrics to boot. As evidence by their first single “Kaiser”, “Destitute” is a follow up single with a deep and penetrating message . Be looking for some big things from these guys.

Bass player Tanner Hendon gave much insight into the goals, ambitions, and backstory of the band. These guys aren’t just musicians. They’re artists on a mission to enlighten and entertain. While these guys are an independent band for now, I wouldn’t expect that to last much longer. For some additional insight, check out this interview between Tanner and Rock Titan’s own Scotty J.

Like Machines is a hard rock trio hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, featuring Andrew Evans on vocals/guitar, Tanner Hendon on bass and Cheney Brannon on drums.

Destitute” follows the band’s 2019 debut track, “Kaiser” and will be followed by subsequent singles throughout the year.

Like Machines – “Kaiser”

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