Lou Brutus “Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock N Roll Reprobate” – A Rock Titan Review

Lou Brutus – “Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock N Roll Reprobate” – A Review by Rock Titan’s Scotty J

What’s that they say about a first impression? Oh yeah! You only get one. Iconic radio host, Lou Brutus, did that in spades with his first book “Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock N Roll Reprobate”. As if getting Cory Taylor from Slipknot to write the forward wasn’t enough validation. This master DJ starts off by giving props, or at least acknowledging the existence, of every moving part in the music industry. That’s to be commended. The too often forgotten few aren’t lost on Lou.

Lou Brutus with Scotty J on Rock Titan Live

Getting in to the meat of Brutus’s memoirs, when your first ever concert is Black Sabbath and Ted Nugent, how could you possibly go wrong? That’s epic! Lou has a great story that shares just how epic that was. If anyone has ever had anything as close to a first concert experience as Brutus, you’ve led a charmed life. I certainly have not. But his story none the less had me hooked to know more about this legendary DJ’s history.

Boy do I remember the summer of 1995. I lost my virginity. You’d think a memory like that couldn’t be topped! Of course Brutus did. But, it had nothing to do with the corruption of ones innocence. Or maybe it did? Does an experience with the legendary Metallica in the Arctic qualify? If you say no you’re either a liar of the luckiest human to still be alive. This tale had me shivering, and not just from my imagining the environment. Bottom line. When you’ve got real personal history with the legends that are Metallica, you’ve lived!

Just when you think Lou couldn’t possibly have more eye popping experiences. You’d be wrong. This dude hung out with Snoop Dog. And when I say he hung out with Snoop Dog, the man hung out with Snoop Dog! He might as well have been Matthew McConaughey in the movie “The Beach Bum” as Moondog, with Snoop as Lingerie. Not sure what I mean? Google it! What a hilarious experience. As if I wasn’t already jealous! Mr. Brutus you are the man.

Once you’ve gotten this far into “Sonic Warrior: My Life As A Rock N Roll Reprobate”, you realize why Corey Taylor wrote the forward. It had to happen. This had to happen just like Brutus’s recollection of the noted experience. I find myself fearing time has passed me bye. While I feel I must have such an experience to be a relevant rock n’ roll heavy metal media personality, I’m just too old. Then you realize you could be on deaths bed, and still not be too old to have an experience like LB. See that? I’m calling him LB now. You’ll feel a personal connection too should you have the conviction to buy the book and get this far? You’ll be glad you did.

When a legendary writer like Hunter S. Thompson comes into the conversation, you know your attention is required. The experience shared here is surreal. Legendary stuff I kid you not. It’s something quite literally out of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Anyone awe inspired yet?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – The Hotel on Acid

What career DJ of the last 35 years would be able to complete a book without a Mötley Crüe story? No worries for this guy. Brutus has stories that may well have been in “The Dirt”. But you must read to find out. I find myself thinking about the society we live in today. Could such experiences still exist even if they were still allowed? How soft we’ve become. Or maybe not? This particular memory might have you in fetal position.

Keith Richards! That’s all you really need to say. Every plague known to man will come and go. Richards will still remain. This memory includes a show my father attended. Me? Nope. Sorry young son. The old man steals all the glory. At least Mr. Brutus throws extra salt on the wound to remind me what I missed at the very end of my teenage years. I can only hope I’m as immortal as Richards. Perhaps I’ll have similar stories to tell.

The Rolling Stones – Live in Philadelphia 1994/09/23

The memoirs of Lou Brutus only get more amazing and incredible from here. I’d be willing to bet the self proclaimed, King Of All Media, Howard Stern couldn’t even hold a candle to half of these incredible tales. I’ve been humbled and resigned to knowing, any such experiences I ever cared to have would need to be lived vicariously through this man.

You may think this book is a tale of fantasy? I’m quite confident in declaring this publication a true accounting from simply one of the greatest music media personalities in the world. Do yourself a favor and dedicate yourself to this read. It will be the most entertaining day you’ve ever spent face down in text.

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