Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime kicks off the 2nd leg of its 30th Anniversary US Tour!

Operation: Mindcrime - Suite Sister Mary - Photo by Scott Johnson

Story and Videos by Scotty J

Operation: Mindcrime is a smooth operating machine, once again making its way across the United States. The brainchild of Queensrÿche original frontman, Geoff Tate, kicks off the 2nd leg of its US tour August 1 in Salt Lake City! Rock Titan had the pleasure of catching up with Operation: Mindcrime at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA during the east coast part of the tour. Getting to sit down with Tate was a particular treat (see interview below). The 30th Anniversary for one of the greatest records from one of the greatest bands in the history of American Heavy Metal was a fun topic of conversation.

Interview with Geoff Tate

The drama surrounding the separation and consequential replacement of Geoff Tate with Queensrÿche is well documented. That said, if Tate were to move on with his musical career it would only make sense that it be in the form of Operation: Mindcrime. The entire album is performed in its entirety along with some other Queensrÿche classics. Interestingly enough, the supporting band on tour is 'Till Death Do Us Part'. The group just happens to be fronted by Geoff's daughter, Emily Tate. Like father like daughter. It really is an interesting and entertaining story, which you would know if you watch the interview above! But, if you lack the patience, here's a little bit of the conversation:

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