PANIC Proves That 3 Times is a Charm for FROM ASHES TO NEW

It seems as though ‘PANIC’, by FROM ASHES TO NEW, has been one of the most highly anticipated albums I can remember. With this being the second album featuring new lead/clean vocalist Danny Case it’s understandable. The second album, ‘The Future’, represented a transition for FATN between Chris Musser and Case. The vocals between the two are distinctly different. PANIC represents a new chapter for the band and serves as a great leap for much success in the years ahead. Rock Titan had the pleasure of speaking with both Matt Brandyberry and Danny Case about their work on ‘PANIC’. Be sure to watch them both!

Rock Titan LIVE with Scotty J and Danny Case

Scotty J’s errant thoughts on ‘PANIC’ | An Album Review

Scars that I’m Hiding – Great way to kick off this new album. Matt did indicate this was their best work yet. I’m going to believe him and stay along for the ride.

Brick – For anyone that’s suffered through mental or emotional health issues, they’ll relate to this song well. I can’t say enough about Danny’s vocals. He definitely makes is presence known on his second effort with the band.

What I Get – I’ve heard many comparisons to Linkin Park, and particularly on this track it’s fair. Having listened to this album the entire way through a couple of times, I found myself even thinking that maybe it was Linkin Park?

Blind – Some great songwriting here. FATN has really harnessed a great sound and it’s safe to say they’ve now come into their own. When an artist has the courage to address some of the most prominent issues plaguing society, you’ve got to respect it.

SideFX – Got a gripe with the pharma industry do we fellas? Well you should! Good on you for calling this out. This may be the one song on the album where I’m not wild about its composition musically. But still, the lyrics carry this track admirably.

From Ashes to New – Panic

Panic – It’s just my opinion, but that’s why they call this a review. The title track may be the best song on this album. One thing I’ll say about Brandyberry, if he wanted to have a side solo career as a rapper, I think he could do so quite successfully.

Wait For Me – The way this song was arranged between Danny and Matt’s vocals was perfect. A nice guitar solo gets thrown in as well. This has been an extremely complete album so far, and I can see the FATN fan base growing exponentially.

Bulletproof – Given the climate our children live in today, these are some powerful lyrics that resonate. The combination of Matt and Danny’s vocals are great! If you haven’t seen the official video, it’s very well done.

From Ashes To New – Bulletproof

Nothing – There seems to be a developing theme of darkness and tragedy among a collection of these songs. I find myself hoping it’s not reflective of their actual lives but rather a creative observation of so much of the tragedy in today’s world. That said, FATN has never sounded better.

Death of Me – Definitely one of the more hardcore songs on the album. I’d definitely like to hear more songs like this out of these guys on future releases.

Change My Past – How about Brandyberry people? He definitely deserves more respect and attention from the industry. He’s got a great vocal style.

Rock Titan LIVE with Scotty J and Matt Brandyberry

Back when I interviewed Brandberry, he was emphatic about how Case just owned this album. I agree. Danny has an awesome voice, and I truly hope this lineup of FATN stays together for the long haul. Welcome to a new age for this group. Anyone who was a fan of Linkin Park at the height of their greatness will find striking similarity with this album. I mean that with profound compliment.

From Ashes To New is:

Danny Case – clean vocals
Matt Brandyberry – rap vocals, keyboards, programming, rhythm guitar
Lance Dowdle – lead guitar, bass
Mat Madiro – drums, percussion

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