RATT traps a sold out crowd at the TLA in Philadelphia!

RATT on tour at the TLA - Photo by Tom Collins
Stephen Pearcy - Photo by Thomas Collins
Stephen Pearcy – Photo by Thomas Collins
Warren DeMartini - Photo by Thomas Collins
Warren DeMartini – Photo by Thomas Collins
Pearcy and DeMartini - Photo by Thomas Collins
Pearcy and DeMartini – Photo by Thomas Collins

Just when you thought one of your favorite bands of all time has ridden off into the sunset, suddenly you discover they are BACK FOR MORE! On a warm spring evening in Philadelphia, while the 2017 NFL Draft had just kicked off on the other side of town, the TLA was swollen like a tick ready to pop! Fans converged on South Street to pay their respects and be thoroughly entertained by one of the most iconic Glam Metal bands of all time. After a hiatus that seemed like forever, RATT was back and ready to party! Over the last few years, there was a competing faction attempting to pass themselves off as the creators of albums that have gone Triple Platinum and every other precious metal for that matter. But, make no mistake, Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, and Juan Croucier are the one and only ratt pack. Joined by Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo, RATT dominated the night in such a way you'd never know there were any other national events in town.

The legendary RATT kicked off the evening with "Wanted Man", and wanted men they were. Immediately greeted with a sea of fans with smart phones recording, it was the beginning of what would be hit after hit from just about every album ranging from "Out of the Cellar" to "Infestation". There was absolutely no lack of communication as fans reacted immediately to this hit from their debut album "Out of the Cellar". Juan's backing vocals were as solid as the days of yore, while Carlos showed off some shredding prowess that made abundantly clear why he needed to be paired with DeMartini. Pearcy showed off some serious chops with "Lay it Down" in such a fashion you'd swear you slipped through a wormhole into 1985. Equally showing off his timeless stamina, DeMartini ripped off a solo in "Slip of the Lip" that would make you think you were sitting right in the recording studio. Closing out the set with their most popular hit "Round and Round" there was no doubt RATT was back and ready to go another round for years to come.

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