Rock Allegiance 2017 packs a roster of talent old and new!

Five Finger Death Punch at Rock Allegiance 2017 - Photo by Tom Collins

Story and Photos by Tom Collins
Interviews and Editing by Scotty J

Just a year ago ROCK ALLEGIANCE stormed the field of the Philadelphia Union. This year there was a change of venue just across the river to the BB&T Pavilion. A gathering of Rock's best, both old and new came together like a perfect storm for ROCK ALLEGIANCE 2017, Camden, New Jersey! Another phenomenal Danny Wimmer Presents event featured 3 stages going virtually nonstop through the day with Rock's elite and upcoming bands. Most acts were nicely timed as to not overlap each other, so you could get to see the majority of most every band you wanted to see on the schedule. I however, running to do my photographic work, did not catch every single band. But, let's talk about the ones I did cover.

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