U2 EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR has a 2 day stay in Philadelphia!

Story and Photos by Rock Titan photojournalist Tom Collins

U2 EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR in Philly - Photo by Tom Collins

Bono - Photo by Tom Collins from Rock Titan TV

Edge - Photo by Tom Collins from Rock Titan TV

U2 - Photo by Tom Collins from Rock Titan TV

U2 EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR - Photo by Tom Collins from Rock Titan TV

Mr. MacPhisto - Photo by Tom Collins from Rock Titan TV

Unbelievable 2 nights in a row! That's what Philadelphia got last week when legendary Irish Rockers, U2 brought their EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE TOUR to town. Philly was just starting to come off its high from U2's, Joshua Tree Tour last year across the street at Lincoln Financial Field. The only thing that could possibly compare to a show of that scale and significance is to do 2 incredible nights at the Wells Fargo Center.

Let's talk about my personal experience with these shows. First and foremost, I found out that there is a extremely dedicated mass of U2 fans in Philadelphia. There's even a larger mass of people who literally travel state to state, and even country to country, to see countless shows on the tour. In my experience, and years in music, there are few bands that have fans so fiercely committed to them. Of course I wanted to get a good spot for the show. So, I had to find this group of people at the venue the night BEFORE each show! Yes, that far ahead of time! Event staff had a clipboard to sign your name and receive a number for a place in line the next morning. To make sure people were in compliance, check-ins were scheduled several times prior to the venue doors opening. If you weren't there for check in, you lost your place in line! Shortly before being allowed in the venue, we were given numbered wrist bands along with our GA Floor wristbands. Once through the doors, the excitement was on as everyone dashed for their pre-planned "special spot" on the floor to watch the show.

Night #1 I decided I would make my vantage point the Main Stage. Night #2, I would go to the other end of the arena to view the Second Stage. Looming large through the length of the arena, hanging from the ceiling, was a massive box shaped video screen. Directly beneath it was a long runway that connected the Main Stage to the Second Stage.

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