Alter Bridge kicks off the Victorious Sky Tour with Walk the Sky just weeks away!

Alter Bridge - Photo by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alter Bridge - Photos by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alter Bridge - Photos by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alter Bridge - Photos by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alter Bridge - Photos by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

Alter Bridge - Photos by Out With Ambler - Rock Titan

‘Walk the Sky’ Review By Scotty J
Photos and Intro by Out With Ambler

“Wouldn’t You Rather” be at an Alter Bridge show? My answer is YES! I NEVER miss the guys when they come to town, so with this being the first stop on the Walk The Sky tour, which quickly evolved into the Victorious Sky Tour, that almost three hour trip to the show was worth it!

In The Deep,” “Pay No Mind,” “Take The Crown” and “Wouldn’t You Rather” were four of the new offerings form Walk The Sky which drops this October, and from the reaction of the crowd, will be yet another triumph for the band. Don’t miss them out on the road, currently with Skillet and Dirty Honey! – Out With Ambler

So what exactly does Rock Titan’s Scotty J think of the new Alter Bridge album?

Early Creed influences appear to have long gone! This album certainly isn’t as heavy as in the past. But, that’s not to say it isn’t heavy. That said it definitely is a new adventure for Alter Bridge!

Alter Bridge – Walk the Sky (track by track)

One Life – A brief intro song with a strong alternative feel. Would leave you hanging on what direction they’re going with this album.

Wouldn’t you rather – First thought… heavy. Bringing that vintage Alter Bridge sound to their fans without wasting time.

In the Deep – 6 albums deep and Myles and Mark continue to prove why they’re such a great pairing.

Godspeed – It’s just one of those songs that fills up every bit of space it could possibly occupy. I expect to hear this on multiple soundtracks.

Native Son – Heaviest song of this new album so far. Of all Kennedy and Tremonti’s other projects, it’s songs like this that feel like they’re each in their sweet spots. I dare not say a comfort zone, but one where they thrive.

Take the Crown – First song where I personally have mixed feelings. I like the backing vocals element. The rest of the song seems like the different pieces just didn’t fit together. Guitar was just much heavier than the vocals could support? Almost like something strange happened in the mixing process.

Indoctrination – My favorite song of the album to this point.

The Bitter End – Kennedy shows his full vocal range here to the bitter end. Has a strong anthem feel.

Pay No Mind – Great vocal harmonizing! I love the combination of Tremonti and Kennedy.

Forever Falling – Dig the intro big time! Song draws you in quick. Love Tremonti’s vocals. There aren’t many bands where bands have two such competent vocalist of this caliber.

Clear Horizon – This takes over my favorite pick from Indoctrination off the album. Great mix of vocals, guitar, bass, and percussion. Just love the lyrics! Great writing on this one.

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Walking on the Sky – Ok… time for the title track. It is by far the most diverse sounding song on the album. It’s like chaos under control. With so many different sounds it could have easily sounded incoherent, but was all managed in such a way that it’s cool. Nice solo although brief work by Tremonti.

Tear Us Apart – If there was 1 song that seemed immediately poised for commercial appeal, this would be it. Lyrics serve as a great message. Don’t let the world tear us apart.

Dying Light – Again just great Tremonti/Kennedy harmonizing. Some end tracks of albums behave as though they’re just trying to get things over with. Dying light finishes Walking The Sky on a strong note. Great guitar work by Mark!

Victorious Sky Tour

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