311 and The Offspring Never Ending Summer tour is coming to an end

Nick Hexum - Photo by Ambler Irby

Nick Hexum - Photo by Ambler Irby

Noodles - Photo by Ambler Irby

Doug "SA" Martinez - Photo by Ambler Irby

Dexter Holland - Photo by Ambler Irby

Nick Hexum - Photo by Ambler Irby

Story & Interview by Scotty J
Photos by Ambler Irby “Out With Ambler”

The Never Ending Summer tour may be wrapping up, but Rock Titan was fortunate enough to be there at the beginning and end! With the addition of photojournalist Ambler Irby (Out With Ambler), Rock Titan TV was able to cover 311 & The Offspring in Bristow, Va. at Jiffy Lube Live! While Ambler was able to grab some AMAZING photos of the 311 / The Offspring experience, we were also lucky enough to catch up with Nick Hexum and Noodles just before the Never Ending Summer tour kicked off (see below).

311 & The Offspring with Scotty J

While 311 continues to support their twelfth studio album, ‘Mosaic’, The Offspring has some new material of their own coming out in 2019! Might we get a teaser of what’s to come as they continue to tour even after the Never Ending Summer tour ends? It’s hard to believe that ‘Days Go By’was released back in 2012. What to expect next should be awesome. We already know that 311’s ‘Mosaic’ stayed true to their strong reggae style. If you haven’t listened to that album, it’s got a very summery and beachy feel. “Too Much To Think” definitely sets the mood of Mosaic, as you can see in the Official Music Video featured below.

Too Much to Think

So we know what’s transpired since the Never Ending Summer tour kicked off. But what was the mood for Nick and Noodles before this party got started? Since we caught up with them at Live Nation NYC, here’s a little excerpt from that conversation (also featured above).

Scotty J: Never Ending Summer man! It’s coming up. You guys are touring together. How does it feel?

Noodles: Great! We toured with 311 and the guys about 8 years ago in 2010. It was a blast, so we decided to do it again.

Later in the interview as we talked about making Official Music Videos:

Noodles: I actually enjoy making them. We’ve actually got one in the can right now kinda ready to go for one of the songs on the new record.

Scotty J: So this fall we are looking for some new The Offspring material?

Nick Hexum: It is Prog Rock.

It really was a fun conversation! I highly suggest you watch it, but of course I’m biased. In the mean time, everybody do your best to stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer!

311 & The Offspring Photo Gallery by Ambler Irby

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