Armored Saint wraps up United States dates for ‘Symbol of Salvation’ Tour

Armored Saint frontman John Bush

Rock Titan was fortunate enough to catch up with Armored Saint frontman, John Bush, during the early parts of their Unites States based ‘Symbol of Salvation‘ tour. For those of you not familiar with Armored Saint, if you’re a fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, you should know who they are. If there were a “Big 5”, every argument could be made that Armored Saint would be that band.

During the early 1980’s, John Bush was approached about being the frontman for Metallica! Just imagine how different heavy metal history would be had that happened? On top of that, all you Anthrax fans clearly recall the John Bush era as their frontman. While Joey Belladonna has been the longest tenured and most recognized lead singer for Anthrax, Bush owned that position for the 1990’s! Could a tour featuring Anthrax and Armored Saint ever happen? See the interview with John Bush and Scotty J below!

Interview with Armored Saint’s John Bush and Scotty J

Though there had been a couple periods of extended hiatus for Armored Saint, their passion and drive to create great music never wavered. John Bush would be the first to tell you that while they may take longer than most between creating new records, it’s because they strive for perfection. Such an example is reflected in the name of Armored Saint’s 2018 world tour and 4th studio album ‘Symbol of Salvation’. If you didn’t take the time to watch the interview between John Bush and Scotty J at Sellersville Theater (see above), here are a couple of excerpts:

Scotty J: I’ve heard rumors that you guys have been writing, and as soon as this part of the North American tour is done, you guys are gonna be putting some new stuff out?

John Bush: Well we’re not going to put it out. We’ve been writing and we’ve got to write some more songs because we’ve only written about a half dozen. But, you need at least a good nine, ten, twelve for a record. Yeah, I think what we’ve written already sounds killer. I mean ‘Win Hands Down’ set the tone for a really cool follow up. The only thing is… it set the bar really high.

Scotty J: You got some nice reception from that (‘Win Hands Down’).

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