78 RPM singer John White breaks down new music video Best Friend to Enemy with VJ Scotty J

78 RPM "Best Friend to Enemy"
78 RPM "Best Friend to Enemy"

78 RPM is one of the most dynamic, entertaining, and talented bands that Rock Titan TV has met to date! Of course NYC is the ultimate hot spot of the entertainment industry, so it only makes sense that it would be the home of 78 RPM and singer John White. It’s also helpful that the members of 78 RPM have various occupations in the media and entertainment industries. Rock Titan was first alerted to the band of uber talented entertainers by HyPR MEdia and the Official Music Video “Free America”. When news broke of 78 RPM’s new music video “Best Friend to Enemy”, we had to check it out! So here we go from a message of the patriotic to the erotic! In this interview 78 RPM vocalist John White fully breaks down what went in to “Best Friend to Enemy” and provides updates on their new album “Dynamite”. It was all Rock Titan VJ Scotty J could do to contain himself throughout this most engaging and entertaining conversation.

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