MEADE AVE Rocker Furby 2Chainz explains MEADE AVE Militia to Rock Titan TV

MEADE AVE brings the metal out of Sin City!

When you’ve got a fan base referred to as a militia, you know you’ve got a seriously loyal and passionate group that loves your music! And what could possibly be better? Born out of Sin City, in Las Vegas Nevada, MEADE AVE has quickly established themselves as a Hard Rock Heavy Metal fan favorite. With their newest Official Music Video “Taking Back Tomorrow”, MEADE AVE pays tribute to our men and women in uniform that defend our freedoms every day. With a strong sense of patriotism and an equally passionate sea of fans, MEADE AVE is a band with a positive message and bright future ahead.


  1. Excellent Interview & informative! Meade Ave has a strong message and delivers it clearly with outspoken definitive lyrics blended with a diverse RockMetal Musical Style that retains a melody & captivating rhythm.
    Thanks to Scottyj for variety & Key point issues of discussion that included the support of Family, Freedom, The
    People who defend it & How Meade Ave Expresses the passion of a new tomorrow through Impressive Strong Yet Clear RockMetal Music & the passionate Fans Militia as a whole!
    Very enjoyable interview!
    Thanks to Digital Revolution Radio! & Meade Ave!
    Blessings Peace Love & Music Always! @SherryBabyRuth

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