Stryper Proves Once Again Why They’re The Godfather’s of Christian Metal

Stryper proves once again why they’re the Godfather’s of Christian Metal with their latest release, “Even The Devil Believes”. It hasn’t been all that long since their last studio album “God Damn Evil” was let loose on the public. With a relatively quick turn around, Stryper delivers the ever ominous “13th” in style.

Michael Sweet of Stryper discusses faith in music and NEW album Even The Devil Believes

There have been some mixed reviews on “Even The Devil Believes”, which I do find confusing? Whether you’re a fan of metal/hard rock with a Christian message or not, it’s impossible to deny the quality of Stryper’s newest effort. Michael Sweet has preserved his voice at a most impressive level. This album also features the debut of seasoned bassist Perry Richardson (formerly of Firehouse). Oz Fox delivers rip roaring solos track after track! So what exactly does Rock Titan’s Scotty J think of this audio blessing?

Errant thoughts by Scotty J on “Even The Devil Believes” – A Rock Titan Review

Blood from Above – Mike Sweet sure has taken care of that voice. Stryper starts off thrashing. They just make Christian Metal cool. 2/3 of the way through you get a rip roaring guitar solo that screams “bear down for an awesome album”.

Stryper – “Make Love Great Again”

Make Love Great Again – Some thumping bass to immediately kick off this track. The guitar riffs are an ode to classic metal. Great guitar solo work to boot. Just awesome! When you talk about some of the greatest voices in metal, I think Sweet too often goes overlooked. He sure can belt it out. What a great message in these lyrics. Let them sink in!

Let Him In – Stryper proves here once again they’re simply one of the best the industry has ever known. What’s so refreshing and cool is the heavily rooted lyrics in faith. It’s truly empowering. You can love God and Metal at the same time. Stryper may be the best there’s ever been and ever will be in that regard.

Do Unto Others – As you would have them do unto you! I love the guitar intro with this track. You won’t ever hear a cooler presentation of such a moralistic message. Sweet really does sound awesome. Stryper loyalists will love the album to this point. A third of the way through I’m praying they keep the momentum going.

Stryper – “Do Unto Others”

Even The Devil Believes – The title track kicks off with force. There’s such deep meaning in Sweet’s lyrics. I love the guitar work on this track. Who new gospel could rock like this?

How To Fly – This is an uplifting tune. But, then what out of Stryper isn’t? I have a feeling this would have fans waving their hands in the air. It’s just that kind of vibe.

Divider – I feel this may be the hardest if not one of the hardest songs on the album. I really dig the overall arrangement. Man alive can Sweet hit some notes! Insane.

This I Pray – I love the acoustic guitar featured here. Aside from that, the opening verse is exactly what I said with all of my children their entire childhood before they went to bed. This has very special and sentimental value to me. It’s just a beautiful song.

Stryper – “Blood From Above”

Invitation Only – This probably has the strongest hymnal feel. So much so I can see more progressive churches, particularly mega churches, featuring this track.

For God _ Rock ‘n’ Roll – This track simply continues what is a very solid album. It’s got that rock n roll anthem feel. The message is clear, love god and rock n roll at the same time. No band conveys a message better.

Middle Finger Messiah – If the title of this song doesn’t get your attention I don’t know what to say. What a way to finish this album. Ironically there’s almost a Judas Priest feel about this track. Some awesome guitar solo work here to wrap up this gem. Sweet belts it out with the best of them.

If you’re not a spiritual person, chances are you may never have been a fan of Stryper. Not because they’re not an awesome heavy metal/hard rock band, but because of their consistently uplifting messages in their music. As a man of faith and metal, there’s no band that does what Stryper does any better. This is an easy 9 out of 10 by Rock Titan standards.

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