Lead Singer and band co-founder Brian “Bee” Frank of Killer Bee SHOUT IT OUT for Rock Titan

Killer Bee Official Music Video "Shout It Out"
Killer Bee Official Music Video "Shout It Out"

There’s a fire that burns in all of us. It’s that passion that takes on a presence of it’s own and has a voice we can’t ignore. No matter how much time goes by, our true calling will continue to SHOUT IT OUT! Such destiny is exemplified by Swedish-Canadian Rock Band KILLER BEE. Coming out strong in the 90’s, Killer Bee had multiple successful studio albums before taking a hiatus. Little did anyone suspect that breather would last the better part of a decade. Returning stronger and better than ever in 2012, Killer Bee has released 3 new studio albums the most recent being “Eye in the Sky”. After seeing the Official Music Video “Shout It Out”, Rock Titan TV made it it’s mission to speak with band co-founder Brian “Bee” Frank and discover what’s kept them buzzing.

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