DESTRAGE Guitarist Matteo Di Gioia talks A Means To No End with Rock Titan TV

DESTRAGE is on "Skyping with Scotty J"
DESTRAGE Official Music Video "Don't Stare At The Edge"

Rock Titan “Skyping with Scotty J” catches up with DESTRAGE guitarist Matteo Di Gioia all the way over in Milan Italy. A band one can’t dare to classify in any one category of metal, DESTRAGE defies definition with their newest album “A Means To No End”. Not only does Italy provide fast cars, amazing food, and superior fashion, but bone crushing, head banging, metal thrashing with the likes of DESTRAGE. In this interview, Matteo and Scotty J break down “A Means To No End” and feature Official Music Video “Don’t Stare At The Edge”.

Special thanks to Metal Blade Records.

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