John Oates from Daryl Hall & John Oates discusses New Book, New Tour, and Much More on Rock Titan TV!

Hall & Oates 2017 Tour
John Oates new book of memoires entitled "Change of Seasons"

Legend is not a term to be used lightly. It must be reserved for those musicians who reached the apex of greatness within the music industry. Having sold 10’s of millions of records, getting inducted into the Songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame certainly warrants the label of music “Legend”. Hall and Oates music helped to define an era, and are widely recognized as being the #1 Music Duo of all time when Rock was quickly evolving. For 40 years Daryl Hall and John Oates have entertained their fans, even when engaging in their own solo projects. If anyone was ever born to be anything, there can be no doubt that Hall & Oates were born to be musicians. In this candid interview, John Oates discusses his new book of memoires “Change of Seasons”, his upcoming Hall & Oates tour with a hometown stop in Philadelphia for the Hoagie Nation Fest, and what still remains on the bucket list. Considering VJ Scotty J’s family lived just up the street from Oates childhood home, there is a touch of nostalgia for sure. But he never lost sight that he was speaking with a true Rock Titan.

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