“A Star Is Born” gets a fresh new reboot addressing some of today’s most serious life issues.

Bradley Cooper should take pride in his directorial debut, with the unique new take on A Star Is Born. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (a.k.a. Lady Gaga) should be proud of her endearing silver screen performance. While both are already established celebrities, new stars were born.

Gaga’s character Ally is easy to quickly identify with if you’re the type with big dreams. Having confidence in yourself, while having a small select group of those that believe in you, should be a blessing anyone can enjoy. A Star Is Born does well to chronicle the discovery and rise to fame of a talent most deserving. At the same time the quintessential tragic hero, Jackson Maine (played by Cooper), portrays how brutal celebrity can be, taking its violent toll over time.

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Having witnessed so much destruction as a result of substance abuse and Mental Illness , I’m hopeful that’s a message that registers with the audience. It’s too easy to focus in on the romantic rags to riches theme. A ceremonial passing of the torch is indeed on display, and such rituals have been known to have depressing results for those whose run of success is seemingly over.

While A Star Is Born starts strong and ends dramatically. Too much of the middle felt derailed and unnecessary. With the movie time at 137min, 17min could have easily been shaved off while keeping the best messages of the movie in tact. The cast, I must say, is excellent. Sam Elliot is simply epic! He owns any part large or small. He’s that ingredient adding authenticity to anything he touches. Dave Chapelle dare not go into isolation ever again. His part, small it may be, was impressively sincere showcasing a broad range of acting competence. Andrew Dice Clay actually has a nice presence on screen when not reciting vulgar nursery rhymes. Bradley Cooper will undoubtedly have women swooning and fantasizing throughout the film. From a purely musical standpoint, he convinced me that he may actually have rockstar potential. I’m not saying he should quit his day job. But Cooper may just have a fallback option. He’s clearly been taking notes on the varied sets he’s graced over the years, as his directing showed that of a seasoned veteran. And Lady Gaga? What a voice! I came away wishing she’d change music genres. She proves she has the capacity to sing anything anyway she wants. Lady Gaga has been in many a music video, and is one of the most theatrical performers in a generation. She has shown serious acting talent in American Horror Story. This performance could very well win her a Grammy and an Oscar at the same time. Has that ever been done before?

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